Wordless Wednesday: Stuck


When I come home from the store, the dogs always have to check out what I got. They stick their head in the bags to sniff everything. This time, Bella got her head stuck in the bag handle. She just stood there, and stood there, and would not move. I had to go save her from that bad bag. LOL


18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Stuck

  1. Oh o. I’m always really careful with handled bags because the cats love to climb right in and Blossum once got a handle around her neck and ran so fast I could barely get her to help. Since I use my own bags now so don’t ever have that problem.

  2. I had a cat do that once. The noise scared her and she took off running. Looked like super man with his (well her) cape flapping behind her which scared her more. Took us a while to catch her and get the bag off.

    • I know! I did not know how to get myself out of that one! Never had a bag stuck on my head before! LOL Mommy had our dog food in the bag and a new collar for Nikita, but Mommy always buys us neat stuff. We even got two new little baby hedge hog toys the other day too. (great squeakers in them!)

  3. Oh, Bella! That has happened to me, too! Those bags are sly. You did the right thing, though. Whenever there’s trouble, it’s a good idea to stand and wait for Mom to help.

    Love and licks,

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