The Boogie Man Is Coming

With the arrival of August, there is only one thing on my mind…Halloween! I am starting to get into full Halloween mode and have already started a few more paper mache pumpkins which I will be posting about soon. But, I wanted to show you my latest Halloween craft project, the Boogie Man.

If you don’t already know, a few years ago I started creating wood tombstones because I found that I was tired of chasing our Styrofoam tombstones down the street. The Styrofoam ones are really neat, but they are not practical with all the high winds we get around here in October. So the creation of wood tombstones was born!

I quickly filled up our yard over the last few years with nice durable wood tombstones in varying designs, shapes, and sizes and I no longer have to chase them down the street.

I am always doodling new designs and I came up with the Boogie Man. He looked really good on my sticky note, so I decided to try to hand draw him bigger. I started off by cutting a large box open and lay it flat on the floor, as this will be my template for when I cut it out of wood. Then I go to work hand drawing the design onto the cardboard. I lightly draw my design until I get the right size and shape, and then trace over it with a Sharpie Marker.


Then, I use an X-acto knife to carefully cut out the cardboard design. This part is really time consuming and you need to make sure that you have more cardboard under your cardboard piece so you don’t cut the floor or your carpet accidentally. (I am very careful with this step)


Once the design is all cut out of the cardboard, my template is now ready to trace on a piece of wood. I normally use pressed wood for my tombstones, but I got a nice free piece of 1/2″ plywood and decided to use this for my Boogie Man. (getting a free piece of wood is like candy to me!)


Now that my design is all traced onto the plywood, I need to drill a nice sized hole in the areas that need to be cut out. I do this so I can insert my Jigsaw blade into that area.


I carefully insert the Jigsaw blade into the drill hole and start cutting out my design slowly. The first thing that I noticed is that cutting plywood is so much nicer than pressed wood because the wood does not splinter with the blade.


I really love working with wood and creating new Halloween props! By the way, this Craftsman evolv Jigsaw that I am using is variable speed and you can change the blades really quickly.


The Boogie Man is almost complete! Isn’t he adorable!


The only thing that I need to cut out is the base for the wood tombstone.


This is the completed Boogie Man tombstone that I designed. I love the open design and I am now thinking a bit further on how to make this tombstone better. Since most tombstones you place in your yard are only seen from the front, I might take some frosted thick shelf liner and glue a piece behind the design, then add a light so the Boogie Man lights up. I am sure an awesome red or purple glow behind the Boogie Man will do the trick. I will do an updated post on what I decide to do to finish off the Boogie Man.

So, what are you doing to prepare for the arrival of Halloween? Have you started any paper mache pumpkins this year? I hope so, because it takes time to complete these projects, so you need to prepare in advance!


12 thoughts on “The Boogie Man Is Coming

    • Hey Carrie, Where are you guys again? (I can’t remember) Oh yes, we love decorating for Halloween! Pretty soon, I get to pull out the Paper Mache Fireplace that I made last year too with all the pumpkins I made! I am so glad that you liked my new tombstone design. (and, I hand drew it on that huge piece of cardboard too)

    • Ya know, I just thought of something….how come I have not seen a Halloween Quilt out of you yet???? You could make it in all black, with gray tombstones, some eerie trees, a moon….Oh the possibilities! Oh yes, I love making and designing all of these tombstones, as it is a lot of fun!

      By the way, what Christmas yard decoration did you want to make?

  1. OMD, I don’t know why, butts Ma was thinkin’ about how close the holidays are, and she was thinkin’…man I bets that Valerie has already started her Halloweenie decorations!!! And voila!
    I loves your Ghost…it’s pawfect
    Ruby ♥

    • Hi ya Ruby! Yeppers, you gotta stay ahead of the holidays in order to get things done! Once August hits, I am in full ahead mode for Halloween! Glad you liked my new tombstone design! I am just surprised that I drew him freehand! I amaze myself sometimes! LOL ❤

  2. great! an orange or purple glowing boogie man is a super idea! I love the smell when I work with wood :o) I would like to have some ole castle props this year , because we plan a trip to the castle of Bluebeard for the howl-o-ween story… but I have not really a cool idea :o)

    • I know that you share the same love for Halloween as I do and that is so cool! I would love to see some of your Halloween props & perhaps a castle one day! You could make it out of foam insulation board!

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