Garden Update


This is the happiest photograph ever! Look at the variety of colors on the Juliet Tomatoes! This is a sight that we have been waiting for!


This is our one pumpkin that is outside of the garden bed that we get to watch grow. I decided to take photographs of this pumpkin every four days so we can see how much it has grown. In this collage, the first photo is on 7/20, then 7/24, 7/28, 8/1, and on 8/5. It is coming along nicely, don’t you think!


Watching our pumpkin vines grow is fun! The only thing that I get upset about is when I see a new little pumpkin on a vine, and it turns yellow before the female flower can get pollinated. Bummer!

BIG BOY 8-1-14

Some of our Big Boy Tomatoes are starting to ripen! What a nice sized tomato!


Our Red Pepper plants are growing some strangely shaped peppers.


I put my Portulaca plant on my little doggie planter and it looks so adorable.


After finding 10 small Horn Worms in our garden a few weeks ago, we found this HUGE one over the weekend and freaked out! Holy crap! Every day, multiple trips out to the garden to check for Horn Worms is a must, since we know we have an issue. This one we cut the small branch it was on, and immediately placed it into the jar where I threw all the other ones to die. While it was in the jar, I watched it quickly munch down this entire branch in a matter of minutes. Minutes, people! Minutes! That is why it is so important to find and remove them in your garden immediately. Look for any Horn Worm piles of poop on your leaves, and look for little white eggs too, as this is a sign that you have a Horn Worm in your garden! Act upon it immediately!


I am so grossed out by this close up photo. If you click on the photo you can see it’s teeth better but I hope you did have anything to eat because you might get sick. Those little orangish rings on its side is how it breaths, and it has nine on each side of its body.

Gardening for us this year has gone to the bugs, and we are doing our best to keep on top of this problem. Every year we deal with “something”, and this year is no different, just a different problem. I refuse to let these issues take down our garden and all the hard work we have put into it.


15 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. So sorry about the bugs! Yesterday I discovered that lots of leaves on our lemon tree have curled up in an unhealthy manner. I’m thinking a fungus of some sort. I’ll need to figure out how to take care of that. Plants are like children. They take a ton of work and looking after. They grow much faster, though, and that’s fun to watch. (I’ll try to refrain from mentioning that you get to eat them when they’re done growing… Oops. So much for that!)

  2. It’s an ongoing battle isn’t it? My tomatoes stayed clean and healthy this year, but the squash bugs took over my pumpkin patch, even with all the hand-picking of eggs and adults. One batch of nymphs really went to town. A squirrel continues to tear the stuffing out of my garden swing, and the Magnolia scale is a lost cause. Disgusting and tenacious.

    But will this stop us for gardening, Val? NO! Go forth and garden. It’s in our blood.

    • Oh Alys, I agree with you. Nothing will stop us gardeners! I can’t believe you have a squirrel ripping apart your swing! Perhaps you can avoid that by placing small pieces of fabric in a wire basket so it can use it. Maybe it is ripping apart your swing to use the pieces for a nest? I feel bad for you that the squash bugs did a number on your pumpkin patch – now that stinks!

    • Yes, that is the same pumpkin that we placed a board under. We heard that is what you need to do so that it does not rot. I love seeing the four day increment photo’s because you can really see new growth. Hey, don’t jinx us by asking “what’s next”! We have enough with what is going on now! LOL We just need to stay ahead of all of these bugs for now to keep the garden under control and safe from being eaten! So far, we have picked 101 Juliets from the garden already! Yum!

    • Tell your Mommy that we are enjoying our Summer, because we had a rough winter. How is your winter going so far? I am glad that our garden photo’s makes your Mommy happy! ❤

    • Yes, the Juliet colors are awesome and such a great photo of them! I smile every time I look at that pic. The Horn Worm is gross! I never touched it with my hands either because I was unsure if he would poke me with the horn on his tail as a defense or secrete something poisonous on me. Oh the bugs that we have been dealing with from Japanese Beetles, to baby horn worms, to this huge horn worm, to the yellow jackets – YIKES! What a gardening season we are having! As long as we can keep them under control, we will be happy gardeners! ❤

    • Ha ha, that is what I thought too! A grumpy old man faced pepper! Now that is funny! I love the colors of the Juliets too! We have already picked 101 Juliets from our garden already! Yippee!

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