We’ve Got a Green Thumb

One of the things that I find fascinating about gardening, is what a difference a day makes. I get surprised every day when I head into the garden to check on the status of the plants. One day, you see nothing happening, and the next day, you see new growth.

The two photographs below were taken by our neighbor “Farmer Steve” who climbed up on our garage to clean out our gutters for us, and he snapped a few rooftop photographs.

GARDEN VIEW1 6-29-14

It’s amazing how everything is filling in so nicely, and how nice and green the plants are. I guess we are doing everything right this year!

GARDEN VIEW2 6-29-14

As you can see from this photograph, the leaf lettuce and the Romaine Lettuce will be ready for picking any day now.


Check out our favorite zucchini! We noticed this zucchini about a week ago when it was a little nub, and when we saw the flower on top of it open up, I took a Q-Tip and pollinated it myself. Yep, that is correct, I worked some magic in the garden, if you can call it that, but I took a Q-Tip and lightly rubbed it inside a male flower (a male flower does not have a little zucchini underneath it, so that is how you know which flower is a male or female), and then rubbed the pollen from the male flower inside the female flower that sat on top of the zucchini that started to glow. As you can see, it worked, as you can see from the nice sized zucchini we have growing!

By the way, in case you are wondering, the use of the tomato cages around our zucchini is working! Every day, I direct new branches up into the tomato cage, and it is helping contain the huge leaves in our garden bed. I am glad I found this idea on Pinterest, as it does work!


Our Big Boy Tomato plants have all started to bloom and this is one of the little tomatoes. As I have mentioned before, we use Epsom Salt in our garden for only our tomato and pepper plants, but we have not yet started using it. We wanted the plants to get established first in the garden, but we will be starting the Epsom Salt this week. Epsom Salt is used for tomato and pepper plants to help replenish the lack of Magnesium these plants lack. We lightly sprinkle Epsom Salt around these plants only once a week to give them the Magnesium they lack and it helps them grow bigger, and it also helps stop the tomatoes from splitting and getting bottom rot.


Our cucumbers are on crack! Well, that is what we’re saying, but I think they are pretty much drug-free. LOL  We are so proud of how well they are doing this season and we can’t wait to enjoy them in some nice salads.


I had to put netting over the cabbage this week, as I kept seeing those little white moths all around the garden. The netting will prevent the white moths from laying eggs on the cabbage plants and ruining the cabbage heads.


I can’t tell you how happy I am to see our Juliet Tomatoes growing! Last year we had planted six Juliet plants and picked over 1,220 tomatoes. This year, we have nine Juliet tomato plants, and I can’t wait to see how many Juliet tomatoes we pick this year! It will amaze me, I am sure! (and yes, I do count all of the veggies we pick from our garden, just to see how well they produced)


This is another small zucchini that I personally pollinated in the garden. And, there are others too that are getting bigger!


I’m scared of bees, but took my chances when I got close to this guy doing his job in the garden. Way to go little bee, keep on pollinating!


We all know that pumpkins do a lot of their growing at night, which is something that we have noticed over the years. One day, you check out your pumpkin patch, and the next day, you can find the runners have grown a few inches! I lost count on how many pumpkin plants we have in this area, but we’re glad to see how nice they are coming along. We have high hopes that we can get a few pumpkins this year so we can carve for Halloween. We have more than seven little pumpkins growing right now, and when I notice their flower open up, I will head out and pollinate them just like I did with the zucchini.

What a difference one day makes when you are a gardener. You wake up and find out that you have a green thumb after all!

28 thoughts on “We’ve Got a Green Thumb

  1. Hi Val, I can really see the progress in your garden big time. How nice is your neighbour to think of you while up doing his chores. Fun to have the overhead view. I suppose you’ve enjoyed a few things already. I’m a fan of zucchini but Mr B doesn’t really like it, he’s silly sometimes. Have a great week.

    • Oh Boomie, we could not be happier with how our garden is coming along this year. Our pumpkins are growing like crazy and we have high hopes that we’ll get some to carve this year. My Sweets is now hooked on the Romaine Lettuce, and I knew he would be. I love Romaine better than leaf lettuce! We have about 10 zucchini’s growing right now, and this is the first year we actually got our plants to grow. Since we made the new garden bed and moved the zucchini’s into it, they are growing like crazy. I guess they did not like the bed they were in the last two years. I guess it is all about location.

  2. Your garden is really coming along beautifully!! Is it totally deer proof this year? I find the same thing with the mushrooms growing in my backyard… They really seem to double in size by the second sometimes, but if course only the seconds when I am not looking! 🙂

  3. For starters, my compliments to your neighbor who went above and beyond, cleaning your gutters and taking such fabulous photos. Most of us don’t get that kind of perspective on our gardens.

    Your garden is perfection. Every little patch is green and lush and full of happy veg. Hurray for pumpkins, too.

    Happy 4th, to you and yours, Val.

    • We have the best neighbors and are thankful for that every day. He noticed that we had some buildup in our gutters over our garage (that he noticed when he was up on his own garage) and cleaned ours out for us. What a nice guy, eh! I did love that he took some photographs of the garden when he was up there! It is for sure a different perspective of your garden!

    • Oh yes we will! We’ll have a full crop of cucumbers for sure this year with the amount of plants that we planted. Ooooh, I can’t wait for my tomato & cuc salads for lunch already! Not to mention, I truly believe that I will be able to make some zucchini bread too this year with the looks of those zucchini growing!

    • Hi Kathy! Thank you so much! We are so pleased at the progress in our garden so far! As for me, I just can’t wait to pick Juliets for my lunch! YUM! ❤

  4. Your garden looks FANTASTIC! I can’t wait for our tomatoes too! We also planted basil. With fresh mozzarella and balsamic glaze, AWESOME Caprese!

    • Hi Karen! We’ll share our tomatoes with you! Your fresh basil dish sounds delicious! We are so happy with the garden this year! Can you believe how big that one zucchini is already? Remember too, that everything you see in our garden – – – we started indoors and planted the seeds under our grow lights! Amazing year we’re having!

  5. Mummy saw your post and remembered she hasn’t watered the garden all week – so the evil hose pipe had to come out. Hopefully, thanks to your post, the few plants we have will survive! But even if she watered it everyday our garden would never be as lovely as yours

    • Phew, thank goodness your Mommy watered her garden! You don’t want your plants to wither! Thank you for the lovely comment Misaki, we are so proud of our garden a great deal this year! ❤

    • Ooooh, thank you Easy! We are happy too when we look at our garden growing so nicely! You can stare at it for hours with a smile on your face. 🙂 Gardening is soooo much fun!

    • Thanks! We are so proud of our garden too! We have been trying for years to grow some zucchini, and since we made our second raised garden bed and planted the zucchini in it, we’ve got zucchini’s growing. I guess it is a more sunny spot for them! I just can’t wait for the tomatoes & some yummy lunches!

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