Happy Birthday Bella

Our sweet girl, Bella, turned two on Sunday! Bella has been such a wonderful addition to our little family and we love her so much. I still remember the day when we saw Bella for the first time, as we immediately fell in love with her.


I love all of Bella’s facial expressions, as she has many!


Bella posing next to my chalk birthday sign, but is interested in looking at something else. LOL


This is one of my favorite birthday photo’s of Bella.


“Oh, what’s that?”


This is a typical scene at our house with Bella. As you can see, Bella is not pampered at all. She loves being covered up when she naps with Teddy.


Look at how little Bella was when we brought her home for the first time at two months old. Bella and Nikita fell in love with each other that day and have been best buddies ever since.


This photograph is so silly, as you can see Bella sticking her tongue out at Nikita! Nikita was probably thinking “Is she staying here?”

Happy Birthday sweet Bella, we love you!

41 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bella

  1. You’re a pro with the chalk signs, such a cute idea. So Bella’s only two, really just got out of the puppy stage. It’s a cute photo of her arriving day 1 and I bet that’s totally what Nikita was thinking, LOL. Happy belated Birthday Bella!

    • Do kids do that too? Look everywhere else except at the camera? Bella had lots to look at that day, as there were lots of people and doggies walking into the park across the street, so getting her to look at me was hit & miss! ❤

      • They will look, and even smile, but often have such a hard time smiling on demand that the outcome looks more like a mask worn by the monster in a horror film.

      • Oh yeah, I forgot about the “forced smile” look. When you have to “tell” someone to smile, that is usually the outcome – – a weird strange crooked smile.

    • Hi Ya Wally & Sammy! Oooooh, thank you for the birthday wishes! Yep, my Mommy loves drawing with chalk on the driveway and I loved the sign she made for me!

  2. Aww Happy Birthday, Bella! All of those photos are just gorgeous… and the chalk pics are adorable… even if you weren’t looking!
    Hugs, Carrie and pups x

    • LOL, that’s Bella for ya! You try to get them to look at you, but there is always something better to look at when you’re outside than Mommy! She is such a cutie! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

      • Do you get “the look” from them when you try to “make” them look at the camera? It’s funny, so that is why you just have to take lots of photo’s and hope you get a good one!

      • That’s probably why I have so many photographs of Nikita and Bella – – – just waitin for a good one when they’re done lookin around! LOL

  3. Happy Birthday, Bella! What wonderful photos, and I love your chalk birthday sign! Gosh, she was so tiny compared to Nikita, wasn’t she?

    BTW, I have been by reading about your gardens, just hadn’t gotten a chance to comment….they are looking awesome!

    • Hi Ya Jan! I’m working on this week’s garden update, so stay tuned! Our garden is doing so awesome! Thanks for the birthday wishes and yes, Bella was such a little girl when we got her, but then again, so was Nikita. You should check out my first posts about Nikita to see what a little cutie she was too! We love love love our dogs!

    • Aw, thank you for the birthday wishes! Bella is a cutie and I still can’t believe how tiny she was when we rescued her! She’s a big girl now…..in her terrible two’s!

  4. WOOFY WOOFLATED WOOFDAY, Bella!!!! (Translation: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Bella!!!!) We LOVE you LOTS!!!! Harmony, Michael, Christopher, and Karen XOXOXOXO

    • Hey Kuruk! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Nikita & Mommy’s birthdays are coming up later in July too! We’ve got lots to celebrate around here! ❤

  5. Happy Birthday Bella! I love the drawing your mom made for you. And all your neighbors saw that a Birthday girl lives there! (hope they brought you tons of treats!) The last picture is super cute… I wonder what happened next :o)

    • On the day we brought Bella home, both Nikita and Bella played together all day, but we had to separate them so they could get some rest. Bella is getting a new mesh harness this weekend, and she gets to pick out whatever toys she wants at the store too!

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