Nip That Sucker! Garden Update

There’s no doubt about it that when you start a garden, you put a lot of time and hard work into it. You water it every day (thanks to our full rain barrels from all the rain we’ve been getting), you weed it (no thanks to all the cotton that’s been flying around here for weeks), you chase critters out of it, and you do maintenance on your garden plants.

OUR GARDEN 6-23-14

When you grow tomato plants, you’ve gotta nip those suckers! Nipping suckers off of your tomato plants is a must when you grow tomato plants. It stops the plants from pouring all of its energy into growing that sucker, and puts it back into growing a nice big and healthy plant. Suckers are always found in the corners of branches. Don’t ever nip a branch, just the sucker that starting to emerge. What’s amazing, is that I head out to the garden every morning with the dogs and do a walk around to make sure nothing was damaged by the critters over night, and I usually nip all the tomato plants as I walk around. Then, when I head back out to the garden later in the day, there are more suckers to nip! Geez, these suckers can really grow fast!


Our garden was planted on June 1st, and it has grown with leaps and bounds since then.


Our strawberry plants have abundantly produced this season and have filled up this entire flower bed. Look at all those red strawberries waiting to be picked! Not a day goes by, that I am not out in the garden picking a bucket of fresh strawberries, and yes, I do share them with others!

ROMAINE 6-23-14

I cannot tell you how happy I am on how beautiful the Romaine Lettuce is coming in! Last year, we did not get the chance to have any since the deer jumped the fence and ate them all down. This year, we hope to be dining on lots of delicious salads!

PUMPKINS 6-23-14

Our pumpkins are coming along nicely too! those Figi water bottles were used to cover up the newly planted Red Warty Pumpkin seeds so the chipmunks would not eat the seed. Once the plant was established, I removed the water bottles. As you can see, they have already started to bloom, and I hope to see some little pumpkins growing soon!


Our leaf lettuce had a slow start and some sections died out (not sure as to why), but it finally got a nice growth spurt.

GARDEN 6-23-14

Here you can see our garden rows. Leaf lettuce, onions, red peppers, cabbage and tomato plants.


Watching the cabbage grow always amazes me. A cabbage seed is so freaking tiny that I had to use tweezers just to pick up a seed and plant it. All of our plants in our garden were started indoors under a grow light. When we planted our cabbage plants near the first of June, the plants were a little wobbly, but look at them now! Yowza! (Grandma is going to be really happy this year, as we are growing them for her) We will be covering up the cabbage plants soon, to protect them from those nasty white cabbage moths that do lots of damage.


I don’t even remember how many cucumber plants we started indoors, but we also planted a few seeds in this are too, just to make sure we had enough plants for the season. They are loving their new trellis and are growing up it nicely!


Now these babies are coming along nicely! Our Juliet Tomato and Big Boy Tomato plants have definitely grown with leaps and bounds since we planted them. Last year we only planted six Juliet and six Big Boy plants, but this year we have about nine each. WOW, now that’s a lot of tomato plants! We share all of our harvest with friends & family since there is no way possible that we could possibly eat all of the tomatoes that are produced. (not to worry, our friends & family LOVE getting fresh tomatoes from us)


This photograph makes me really happy, as this is the sign that we will be seeing tomatoes really soon!


There’s nothing like giving your garden a little growing inspiration, eh? I made these cement grow letters from my silicone alphabet molds. This little sign sits on the edge of our raised garden bed in front of the peas. Since our peas are coming along nicely, we decided to plant some more. I planted 14 more pea plants right in the garden and they are starting to emerge from the soil this week. Yeah for Peas!

What are you growing in your garden?


15 thoughts on “Nip That Sucker! Garden Update

    • Hi ya Michael! Thank you! You should see it now, just a few days later than the photo’s I posted. We even found Juliet Tomatoes growing and some zucchini! We are so proud of our garden as we have worked really hard on getting it all setup this year.

  1. What a wonderful garden!
    I just grow herbs for the moment in mine. And instead of nipping suckers, I “nip” the flower buds as they appear to keep the leaves nice!

    • I would love to also grow some herbs and have them in pots by the back door, but for the amount of deer we have walking around here, all of the herbs would be munched down. Nothing beats the taste of fresh herbs in your food.

      Don’t forget, when your flowers buds die, to nip them off and “Save the Seeds” for next year!! That is what I did last year with all of my plants. I have two pots on our front porch just bursting with Marigolds that I planted back in May.

    • We said the same thing too! We can’t believe how quick the plants are growing. It’s it so awesome to watch. And guess what? Just yesterday, we noticed our Juliet Tomato plants have tomatoes on them!!!!! YIPPEE!

  2. What a glorious garden you have growing there, Val. It’s so lush, green, orderly, healthy and amazing. You must be so proud.

    Best of luck keeping all the critters at bay. So far, so good.

    • Hi Alys, We are so proud of our growing garden and we can’t wait to reap what we have sowed! This week, we have noticed some nice small zucchini starting to sprout and all they need is to get pollinated & I will finally get the zucchini I always wanted! Yeah for gardening!

      • Oh yes it is! Our back garden area has never looked so good! I have laid so much grass seed down in that area to make the grass nice and plush. It used to look kinda crappy, but all the seed came in nicely and that little garden path I put in, looks awesome with all the grass around it! Hard work does pay off in the end!

  3. Holy smokes, girl! You rock with gardening!! What a great looking crop. And peas? ummm, so incredibly delicious. Thanks for sprouting this garden update. 😉

    • Hey John! I forgot last week to do a garden post, but glad I found the time to get one in this week. We can’t believe on how nice everything is coming along in the garden. Our Romaine Lettuce is growing so huge and we can’t wait to eat it. Oh yes, those little peas are getting bigger too and we might be able to eat them soon. We are so glad that I planted 14 more pea plants, as they don’t take up much room at all. They just grow straight up a pole.

    • Oh boy, I love the smell of the tomato plants on my hands! It is nature at its best! The smell of gardening & Summer! Oh yes, the water bottles work like magic in the garden to protect the little seedling from being eaten from any critters! We have used this idea for years.

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