Gardening Magicians

Being a gardener, we some times feel like we have to also be magicians. We work our magic in the soil, we create fantasies of bountiful harvests, we trick the bugs to go away, and we climb to new heights in protecting our plants from any harm.


We noticed that our strawberries were being attacked by both the birds and the chipmunks, and we sprung into action over the weekend. We purchased a nice long roll of critter netting at Lowes (which was at a great price too) and placed it over our strawberry patch.


We were going to build a frame out of either wood or pvc to go around the strawberry patch, but I came up with an easier and much cheaper idea for our strawberries protection. Now that we had the netting, we needed to figure out a way to hold up the netting.  I am not sure how I got this idea, but it was a good one! We purchased a box of nine Command Strips!


I cleaned off the siding on the garage next to the strawberry patch and attached the Command Strips to the siding. Then we just took the netting and “hooked” it to the Command Strip and made sure it was nice and tight up against the garage. Next, we ran the roll down the strawberry patch and cut off what we did not need. Then we just tucked the remaining netting around the front of the stones and secured it into the ground with little metal hooks. Now, we will at least have a good chance of eating the strawberries that are ripening now, and our crop is bigger than ever!


I also wanted to share a tip with you that I found on Pinterest!  We are trying to grow Zucchini again this year, since we tried to grow it in prior years and had no luck. In prior years, we just planted the seeds directly in the soil and the chipmunks just kept digging up the seeds and eating them, so this year we decided to start them indoors to get the plants nice and healthy before we took them out to the garden. We have nine zucchini plants that were planted in our new raised garden and the tip that I learned on Pinterest was to place a tomato cage over the zucchini’s so that they would grow up inside the cages to contain their huge leaves. So far, we have seen new growth on our nine plants and their leaves are up and over the first rung of the tomato cage. We’ll keep you up to date on how this new tip is working for us this year, as we really think it is going to make a huge difference!

PEA POD 6-8-14

I don’t know how I missed this, but I noticed over the weekend that we have pea pods growing! Yippee!  We have nine pea plants in the garden and they are all flowering! This is the first time ever that we tried to grow peas and if our plants do well, we will for sure be planting them every year!


Look at that adorable baby pea pod!


My Sweetie is so proud of his leaf lettuce, and his straight rows that he planted!  Look at how nice it is coming along!


The Romaine Lettuce is looking really good too! Ooooh, we can’t wait for some delicious salads now!  These were all started indoors too under our grow lights.


The Flat Dutch Cabbage is finally taking hold in the garden! We are also going to do some netting around each cabbage plant to keep the white moths off of them this year.


In our entire garden, this is the only plant we purchased. This is “Wally” the Watermelon. It was the spur of the moment purchase, and thought “why not”, let’s plant a watermelon!

It rained over the weekend and it could not have come at a more perfect time, because I totally ran out of water in our rain barrel. We got one full rain barrel filled up, and part of our second one. By using rain barrels, it definitely saves on the water bill of watering the garden and our flowers!

What are you growing where you live? How do you battle the critters in your garden? We would love to hear your thoughts!


22 thoughts on “Gardening Magicians

  1. There you go MacGyvering something again. What a good, tidy solution to ward off them hungry moochers in the garden. It also all looks amazing and positively spotless. I think that your plants definitely are big for mid June. I’ve only just planted some flower pots yesterday. I was surprised there was anything to choose from at the garden centre but I did get some nice stuff. Happy gardening my friend xoK

    • Every day that I get to plant something or work outside in the garden is a happy day my friend! ❤

      We just headed to Lowes over the weekend and I picked up four Mexican Heather annuals for my one pot with the pedestal. They have cute little purple flowers on them.

  2. Your garden is beautiful, and I love all of the new growth. You all must really love some zucchini! Hope your pinterest idea works!

    • Hi LB! Thank you! We love gardening and watching our plants produce, it is such a thrill. Yeppers, we love zucchini and all I want to do is make Zucchini Bread!

  3. I’ll be interested to hear how those tomato gages work for your zucchinis. We have squash and they are sprawled for sure! Not really a problem, as yet, but soon it may be hard to step around them. We did peas one year, but they didn’t taste very good. Not sure why. 😦

    • I saw that idea on Pinterest about using tomato cages for zucchini, and it makes a lot of sense. They do spread out a bit and this will help them up instead of out. I’ll keep you updated on our progress! I wonder what happened to your peas? Hmmmm I hope ours do ok!

  4. Your garden is coming along swimmingly. I love command hooks and find all sorts of ways to use them. Great idea using them in the garden. I didn’t think they would stick to my siding. Are you having good luck keeping them in place?

    I’m growing sunflowers, pumpkins, basil, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries and raspberries. We also have a grated fruit tree with apricots and plums, and orange three and finally, some blueberries. So much fun growing food, isn’t it?

    Oh I almost forgot, lettuces and lots of flowers, mostly from seed.

    • Oh yes, the Command Strips are holding on the side of the garage just great! The trick is to wipe some rubbing alcohol on the space first, then dry it. It cleans off any residue before applying the strip. You are growing tons of things which is so awesome! With all that fruit, I see some pies in your future!

      I had to attach more netting to our back flower bed yesterday because the deer got into our flower bed and ate half of the blooming flowers and hostas. I used the Command Strips on the side of the house to hold up the netting too. I had to do something as I would love to see my flowers bloom, without being chomped down! It’s amazing what we have to do to keep these critters away!

      • Those deers are voracious eaters and probably assume you planted everything for them. Good luck keeping them at bay. You’ve worked so hard to do that. I suppose the other option is to plant things they don’t like. It’s a short list though, isn’t it?

        How’s your fence holding up around the vegetables?

      • So far, so good on it keeping the evaders out! It would be a short short list of plants to plant that they deer don’t eat. Even when a plant says deer resistant, they still eat them! LOL

  5. It’s not my imagination. Gardening IS magical! The pictures of the peas showing through inside the pods are so awesome. It reminds me of when I was a teacher and we candled the eggs we were incubating and saw the baby chicks sleeping inside. So exciting!

    • Oh boy it sure is exciting to see things grow, and definitely magical! The sun was shining just perfect on that pea pod to see the little peas inside! I loved it!

  6. Very creative job on the netting! We bought a whole kit for a tiered strawberry bed and it came with a frame and netting….you definitely have to keep them covered if you don’t want to share your berries!
    Everything is looking great!! I put tomato cages over my cucumbers this year, but I didn’t have enough to do the zucchini as well. I thought of it on my own and thought I was being pretty clever! 🙂

    • That could have been a good title “I’m not sharing my berries!” LOL Yep, you definitely have to stay ahead of the game with these critters. When you first see an attack, you go into action immediately! When they know where food is, they will be back! Awesome idea for the cucs cages you had! 🙂

  7. your garden is GORGEOUS! I so enjoy these posts. I am in an apt/condo complex and live on 2nd floor. 2 yrs ago I planted a container garden (lettuce, beans, tomatoes), the lettuce did best….haven’t planted this year, doubting if I have growing time to do so.

    • Oh yes, you have time to do some container gardens! Go out and get your seeds! I am so glad you enjoy our garden posts, as we love sharing our garden experiences!

  8. Wally – love him!! Glad your barrels are full. Great idea on the netting for the strawberries, too bad you must do this but like the deer, they just want to eat too. But not in your garden!

    • That is 100% correct, the critters do have to eat too, but NOT in OUR garden! We take all this time to grow our plants for US, not the critters! I love how nice and neat the strawberry netting turned out, as we like to be neat about our garden. ❤

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