We Finally Kicked the Kids Out of the House

It’s true, we finally kicked the kids out of the house over the weekend. I’m talking about the 80+ garden plants we had growing in the basement under the grow lights. It was time that they headed out to their new home in the garden.

Along with getting the garden ready, I wanted to change up our cucumber trellis this year, and decided to use chicken wire and some metal garden stakes to build a nice sturdy trellis for the cucs. We are planting two rows of cucumbers again this year, and they can now grow up the chicken wire.



I spent the entire week last week hand carrying up each and every plant to spend some time out in the sun to harden them off. One by one they were carried upstairs and sat in the sun for the first time for only a few minutes. When you start to harden off your plants, here is what you have to do: Day One, the plants head outdoors for about 5-10 minutes. You watch them closely and when they look like the leaves are starting to droop, you take them back inside. Day Two, you hand carry the plants back outside for a little more time in the sun, still watching their leaves as they react to the sunlight. Day Three, again they head outdoors for a little longer time in the sun. Day Four, the same, as the time increases and they get used to the heat of the sun & wind. Day Five, the plants should be used to the sun, heat and wind and are ready to finally plant in the garden.

After a grueling week of doing nothing but carrying in and out all of our plants, they are now ready for their new home for the season. We built a second raised garden to accommodate all of our extra plants. Like I have mentioned before, we learn from our experiences and we love sharing them with you. What we noticed last year, is that when our tomato plants grew, they blocked a lot of the sunlight from our row of peppers, so we decided that this year we needed to build a second raised garden to plant them in. Problem solved.


Building a raised garden bed is not hard at all. We headed off to Home Depot and purchased the wood and the hardware to put the bed together. A Home Depot associate cut the wood to our dimensions, otherwise we would have never been able to bring home the wood in our car. We are thankful that they can do this because it sure made our life easier. When we got home, we went to work and constructed our new 6′ x 5′ raised garden. (Our first raised garden is 6′ x 16′)


The next step is to install the weed barrier inside the new raised garden bed. I found it at KMart at a great price too. We just stapled it to the inside of the new raised garden to prevent the weeds or grass from popping through the garden. Once this was completed, we waited for our delivery of garden soil from a local nursery. We filled wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow with the garden soil and filled up the new garden bed.




The garden is now ready for some plants! Β In our first raised garden, my Sweetie had already planted two rows of leaf lettuce and after only two days, we saw the lettuce already popping up through the soil! WOW! We put a nice layer of Miracle Gro Garden Soil on top of the existing soil, as we have heard it helps the plants grow nice and big.


On the last day of hardening off our plants, I decided to just leave them in the garage overnight, so I did not have to carry them all back downstairs, since they were heading to the garden the next day. We carried all the plants into the garden area and started placing them in the garden where we wanted them, making sure they were evenly spaced.


The first plant that I planted was a pea plant. I love these little plants as they are so adorable. I got some great advice on how to grow peas, and placed a nice green 3′ garden stake next to each pea plant so they can grow up the stake. We even have a few pea’s blooming now too!


We had a lot of work ahead of us as each and every plant made it into the garden. Lots of wine was consumed during this process too!


Here’s my Sweetie planting the cucumbers! Β Also, as you can see in this photo, we are also adding more soil to our back bed as this is where we will be planting all of our Connecticut Field Pumpkins, some Red Warty Pumpkins, Cantaloupes and a few more tomato plants.

I also painted a second mailbox and that is the first thing you see when you enter our garden area, and I planted a Portulaca in the mailbox that has started to bloom.



We are so happy to finally have our plants out in the garden, and I am happy to have the laundry room back to normal without having to walk around tables of plants too.


Welcome to your new home plants! This is where you are going to live for the next few months and feed our family & friends! We will tend to you on a daily basis, and we’ll keep you well watered in the hot days too. We can’t wait to see our total of fresh veggies we pick from our garden this year! Thank you Sweetie for purchasing all the seeds & soil for our garden, as we could not have done this without you.



I love playing in the dirt! If you don’t get dirty working in the garden, then you are doing something wrong. Don’t worry, it washes off. Stay tuned for all of our upcoming garden tips & tricks and what we learn from our garden season this year.


26 thoughts on “We Finally Kicked the Kids Out of the House

  1. This is totally inspiring. And, um, do you, like, work out? πŸ™‚
    I can’t wait to see the progress of all those great veggies growing! I will be GREEN (wink wink) with envy.

    • We are so glad that you find our garden adventure inspiring, as we have so much pride in our garden & all the hard work we put into it. No, unfortunately, I do not work out at all and I’m going to be 49 this year! I love watching the veggies form and grow as it is so much fun to watch!

      • When then, sister, you are looking FABULOUS! You look so buff in that first picture. Go you!
        I fwded this post to my husband saying, “Here’s some inspiration for us.” I hope he realizes I mean the garden. πŸ™‚
        Well, that or drinking lots of wine. I did notice that blue wine glass in a few pictures. Cracked me up a bit. πŸ™‚

      • Oh yes, wine is always on the menu when working outside in the garden! I personally drink Barefoot Pink Moscato since I like sweet wine. Gardening is inspiring, and today I am planing our 14 Connecticut Field Pumpkins in the back garden bed we were preparing. It is time to get them out from under the grow lights and into the garden! I hope your Hubby starts following along with our garden adventures this year! Definitely, if you guys come to Cleveland, we need to meet!

      • I like Barefoot Pink Moscato too! We must be kindred spirits. Our garden will be on a much smaller scale, but we have been meaning to overhaul the dirt. Some day, perhaps next month in person, I will tell you of our great dirt debacle! You are growing so much! Are you thinking of selling some at a farmer’s market?

      • No, we eat what we can and believe me, we gorge on the veggies in the summer, and give the rest to family & friends. Yes we do seem line we live parallel lives, how cool is that! I can’t wait to hear about your dirt debacle! (on pins & needles now)

    • I would love love love to Misaki! Our garden is getting its first light rain today, and I bet it is loving it. Finally, I can fill up our rain barrel again, as it is empty.

  2. Wowsa!!! Ma LOVES your raised garden beds!!! She wants you and your BF to come overs to our house and repeat all of that for her….(do I hear crickets????) BOL
    Seriously, that is amazin’, and you guys are soooo cute!! And, YES, Ma noticed the wine glass in the pics! She says, that is the ONLY way to garden! (I say margaritas, butts whatevers….)
    And, BTW, I would loves to come overs and ‘taste’ a few of your plants…just a few…hehehe
    Ruby β™₯

    • Aw, hi ya Ruby! Building a raised garden bed is really easy to do! We have always dreamed of having a bigger yard and we would for sure build lots of raised gardens! Hee hee, yeppers we did consume wine while planting our little guys in the garden…it’s the only way to garden! I will let you nibble a little from the garden! Nice to see you today! ❀

    • Oh no to garden gloves! I normally only use them when I am picking those prickly weeds and don’t want spikes in my fingers! I love getting dirty in the garden! I feel like I am connecting with nature! ❀

    • Aw, thank you! Yes it was a lot of hard work, but we want to do things right, not to mention, we want our garden to look great too! I used my curling ribbon (cause I could not find my string) for our row markers just so we could plant straight rows. We love this time of year!

  3. You are absolutely adorable! I’m so glad you included photos of you and your hub.

    The garden is fantastic. Lots of hard work went into that and it shows. I wish you a bountiful harvest, Val!

    • That’s my boyfriend! He took a few pics of me and I did a couple with the self-timer to get some! I knew you would like them! Yes we did work our butts off to get this all completed and planted….now we wait! I love this time of year!

      • My apologies on the boyfriend (Does your husband know)?



        It’s nice to see you in action in your garden. The waiting for take long. My garden hits warp speed the moment it heats up. I’m sure yours will do the same once they set down some roots and soak up the lovely sun. Looking forward to more pics, soon.

      • No probs on the little mix up! πŸ™‚ Waiting is hard, but I love taking photographs of the veggies when they start to form, as I get such a rush when I actually see something growing!

        I also raised up our garden fence around the garden by a few feet yesterday. It was 6′ tall, the same height last year when the deer jumped it, and now it is over 8 1/2′ to 9′ high. It will definitely keep them out now!

    • Oh I know, I love getting dirty! We are soooo happy that everything is in the garden…..finally! We only have to plant the pumpkins that are doing quite well under the grow lights and the cantaloupes in the back bed!

      Today, I am working on making our garden fence a few feet HIGHER to keep the deer out! Right now, I have the fence between 8-9 feet high! I am using that idea I had with the PVC pipe to hold the fence up nice and straight. I got the drill out and drilled holes thru the PVC and added screws & bolts to hold them to the green poles! I can be dangerous using power tools! hee hee hee

      • Dang gurl!! I love your go get it done methods!! The only way to keep those dang deer out is altitude. They can jump soooo high. I hope they give up and go away this year.

      • Me too! I am making it difficult for them this year! At this point, I don’t even care what the fence looks like as long as it keeps the deer out. Last year, we cried when the deer got into our garden & ate almost everything. We don’t want that to happen again.

  4. I love your garden! And I wish you will have a rich harvest. the mailbox looks great now, I hope I will find a way to remove our ole mailbox from the wall without damaging :o)

    • That is my second mailbox that I painted yellow! I have one in the front yard, and this one in our garden area. We are so excited about our garden and as always, we can’t wait to watch them produce nice veggies!

    • We LOVE an organized garden! I could not find my ball of string that we used to mark off our rows, so I grabbed my nice roll of red gift string! I used your suggestion and bought the nice poles for our peas and they are already starting to grab onto the poles! A few peas are already blooming, so that is a good thing! I just can’t wait to see a pea pod! We hope our garden is fruitful for us too! ❀

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