5 Dog Food Storage Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

I was viewing a few articles on PetMD the other day, and I ran across an article about dog food storage that I wanted to share with all of you. After reading this article, I am going to change the way I store our dog food from now on! How you preserve your dog food can make a huge difference in how long it stays fresh and keeps its nutritional benefits.

No. 1: Don’t Throw Away the Original Packaging
They mention to not throw away the original dog food bag because it is designed to keep the dog food fresh, and it holds all the information about the food in case of a possible recall.

No. 2: Don’t Expose Dog Food to Air
By sealing the original dog food bag after use, it helps prevent its exposure to air and humidity which can speed up the rate at which dog food degrades and it increases the chance of any bacterial contamination like Salmonella.

No. 3: Don’t Store Dog Food in Sunlight
The temperature and humidity inside your dog food bag can be elevated by storing your dog food bag in sunlight which can increase contamination and bacteria growth. Currently, we use a large rolling clear Rubbermaid container to store our dog food in, and from now on, we are going to just place the new dog food bag inside this container for safety.

No. 4: Don’t Keep Dog Food Past Expiration Date
We don’t eat food past it’s expiration date, and your dog should not either. An expiration date is important, so keep an eye on yours!  (On a side note too, please check all of items in your medicine cabinet too to ensure that you are not using anything expired. For example, I was using an expired tube of Neosporin and was wondering why it was not working. Hmmm, when I bought a new tube, it worked! The effectiveness of medicine is lost dramatically after the expiration date) Expiration dates are there for a reason, so watch them carefully!

No. 5: Don’t Mix Old Food with New Food
How many times have you done this when you get a new bag of dog food? You pour the old bag into the new one – not a good idea! You could possibly be tainting your new dog food. Use up the old food first and never mix the old bag with the new.


8 thoughts on “5 Dog Food Storage Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

    • I thought it was good information to pass along! I don’t want our doggies to eat any bacteria either, so I am changing the ways we store their food now after reading this! 🙂

  1. fabulous info! Shared and read it to my husband who is guilty of NOT sealing the dog food bag properly after use despite my nagging him to do so! I am assuming the same tips would apply to cat food as well.

  2. Great post! #5 is a phenomenon: my granny once bought a bag of Frolic (it’s a soft food they had for their terrier) and mixed it with a bag she still had at home. Within 2 days they had mold on the food. Although it was the same…

    • I had to share this information with everyone because it was a shocker to me as how quickly you can contaminate the food. Never knew any of this and wanted everyone to be aware of this valuable information.

  3. All good info Val even for cat owners. I do empty my kitty food into a Tupperware but I do keep a cut out of the labelling with the date and UPC too. The bag just gets wrecked and torn to quickly.

    • Yes, we cannot forget about the kitties! It is all good information for sure, and I am keeping our bags from now on and will never mix the old food with the new food ever again!

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