Smashed Mailbox Turned into a Flower Container

If it was not for the snow plow drivers continually smashing our mailboxes every winter, I would have never been able to make this, nor would we have a pile of smashed mailboxes in our garage!


I am obsessed with flower containers, and would love to fill the entire yard with them. But who has all the money in the world to buy all the flower containers you really want, and purchase all the flowers either? Not me! So, when I ran across a pin on Pinterest on where they used an old mailbox as a flower container, I was so excited and had to make one for myself!

I grabbed our smashed gray mailbox with the door torn off the hinge and cleaned it up a bit. Then, I wanted to paint it with something bright, and I actually found a full can of yellow Rustoleum and I went to work. I covered up the red flag with some electrical tape I found and worked my way around the mailbox spraying it with the yellow spray paint, making sure that I coated it evenly.


Once it was dry, I removed the black electrical tape, and the mailbox is now ready to plant something in it. I filled it about halfway up with soil. I was going to head to the store and purchase some flowers, but decided that I would transplant some of the wild flowers I had coming up in the other flower bed into the mailbox. This worked out perfectly, as the wild flowers had nice long stems and looked perfect in the mailbox.


So, if it was not for the snow plow drivers error in distance to our mailbox, I would have never been able to create this beautiful wild flower masterpiece!  Talk about repurposing!  I have taken repurposing to the next level with this one, and now I want to paint the rest of our smashed mailboxes just sitting in the garage and create something beautiful.


Nothing screams Summer like a yellow mailbox filled with flowers!

18 thoughts on “Smashed Mailbox Turned into a Flower Container

    • Wow! I have never been called a ninja before, thanks! I definitely love my spray paint! I had to get another can of yellow today for my second mailbox that I cleaned up today! hee hee hee

    • Hi Genevieve! I saved the mailboxes just in case I needed to put one up temporarily, after the snow plow smashed yet another one. I am glad that I saved them, as I now know what to do with them! Yeah for Summer and flowers! 🙂

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