How to Make a Patriotic Table Top


I have always found that sitting in the backyard is relaxing & enjoyable, but I never had a table for our drinks. I needed to change that! I pulled out my sheet of pressed wood yesterday and went to work.


I used my flower container as my guide and traced my circle onto the wood. Of course, I needed the table top to be larger in size than the top of the flower container, so I measured the circle to find the direct center of the circle and hammered a nail in the center. Then I held my measuring tape & Sharpie marker a few inches past my original circle and just basically drew another larger circle around the first one, then cut it out with my Evolv Jigsaw. (you can see my original circle in the photo above)  The table top is 22″ in width, in case you were wondering.



Next, I gave it a good sanding. After all of my wood projects, I always run a vacuum over the piece of wood to remove all the dust particles.


Next, I spray painted my table top red, and gave it a few coats.


After the red paint dried, I brought it inside to stencil on the stars. I used one of my metal star cookie cutters and a Sharpie marker and just traced the stars all around the table top.


I then hand painted the white stars, one by one.


I finished off the table top with a few coats of Polyurathane to seal it from the elements. Now, the table top just gets placed on top of one of my unused flower containers and has been made into a table.

I have now solved my problem of where do I place my drink when we are relaxing in the backyard. So, what do you think? Where do you place your drinks?

35 thoughts on “How to Make a Patriotic Table Top

    • Hey LB! Thank you so much! This idea I had can be used in so many different places and you could stencil anything you want on top of it too! Now, I want to make more of these!

    • I am sure that there are things that I cannot do, but I am sure having a blast trying! You don’t know that you can do something unless you try! The table is working out great for all of our drinks! ❤

  1. I’m so impressed with your woodworking skills. Well done, Val. I love that cheerful color of red, too with the stars around the border. It’s also easy to store off season, another plus, along with using the planter you already have.

    I put my drink on a small table on the front deck, but out back, something like this would be quite handy.

  2. Very clever, especially if you already have the flower pots. Your stars are placed so perfectly ! Almost like you hired a surveyor. Great job Val, I can believe you free hand painted those stars. They are so well done. You must have a very steady hand. How many drinks does it take to accomplish that? LOL Always impressed with your tool posts, you rock xoK

    • Hi Boomie! Hey, who doesn’t have flower pots, eh? I had to put on my reading glasses so I could see the stars to paint them, you know how it is when you get old! At least my hands were steady enough to stay within the lines of the stars! LOL Thanks for your support of my use of tools! I always have fun making my projects! ❤

  3. that’s such a great idea! I pondered 87 hours how I could make a “british” table for our tea event, but without any result. And you got the idea! I love it!!! and the cookie cutters are great stencils too!

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