Wordless Wednesday

MINE 5-20-14

Nikita is fascinated by paper. Period. I can crumble up even the smallest piece of paper and she hears it… and wants it badly! Then stares at me until I give it to her to play with.


The skies offer a wide variety of views lately.

FLY 5-20-14

This little fly landed on the front door while I was looking out.


That’s me in Grandma’s gazing ball in her backyard.


Bella always gives me this look – “It wasn’t me”.


Let the woo woo’s begin as the garbage man cometh, all heck breaks out! The mechanical arm on the garbage truck drives Nikita and Bella crazy.


Seeing this on a daily basis always cracks me up because little Bella Boo can barely see out the bedroom window. Best buddies forever.

17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. They certainly are buds, that’s for sure. I’m glad we have two kitties too. They snuggle together, play together and sometimes scrap it out together too, HA. All cute pictures Val 😀

    • It’s funny. Nikita never got into any stuff like that when she was little, nor does she do that now. But Bella, Oh man – leave her in a room where you forgot to pick the garbage can up off the floor and you will come home to a mess! I have to do that with all my house plants too. They sure can make a mess, but we ❤ them!

    • By then, we have already sniffed all the garbage, but we love the UPS guy because he brings us lots of new smells! We are all on high alert when the garbage man cometh! ❤

    • I think all doggies do, don’t they?! Heck, I can even crinkle a small sticky note and Nikita hears me! Remember in prior posts when I mentioned that I cannot even open up a box of pasta and Nikita goes nuts? Yep, she loves boxes too and those, she rips to shreds.

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