Storm Clouds

Continuing on with our storms, we had a slight one roll through here last night, but the cloud formations were spectacular. I enhanced all of the cloud photographs just to showcase the cloud formations. And, just in case anyone wants to know what online photo editors I use, I used Pixl Express for these photographs, and I also use PicMonkey too.


What is amazing when you watch a storm starting to “brew”, is how quickly the clouds change.


Isn’t this photograph awesome! It’s like big white puffs in the sky.


The cloud formations were stunning.


I can always get some awesome sky photographs when I look down the street.

5-13-14 CLOUDS

The above photograph actually looks like a tornado blowing over our house. Isn’t that freaky?!

Well, wish us luck, as we are on another flash flood warning for this afternoon with yet another storm coming in. The grass is loving all of this rain, as it has grown leaps and bounds and I have to mow the lawn almost every other day. At least the lawn is looking beautiful!

14 thoughts on “Storm Clouds

    • I loved how the strange colors I chose for the sky backgrounds really made the cloud formations stand out! I am glad you liked them too! Don’t forget to play around with those photo editors I mentioned. โค

  1. Wow, that’s fun. Love the pink and sea foam, yum! Hope you didn’t get damage or anything though. We’re finally going to get some rain tomorrow. Everything is plenty brown. I just
    be-bopped on over to the link and made a little collage, I like it. Thanks Val!

    • Oooh, I am glad that you liked that photo editor! I use both of them and they are really fun to use. I like what I did to the cloud formation photo’s as it made the clouds really stand out!

      We have had so much rain here that the lawn, our flowers, and the strawberries are all flourishing from the nice rain water. Our strawberries are blooming now and we’ll have berries in June!

    • We’re still having storms since Monday’s big one, and the dogs go nuts when they hear the loud thunder booms. I had to disclose that I enhanced the storm clouds so no one would think that was the actual sky. I think they turned out really freaky for sure, but it really made the clouds look cool!

    • We have had storms since Monday’s big one, but we only got flooded out on Monday as the rain came down too fast for the sewers to take all the water. Another one came through earlier this afternoon and yet more are coming for us tonight. The lawn is loving all the rain. Gonna have to mow again! Glad you liked how I tweaked the cloud photographs! I had fun playing around with the special effects on the photo editors I mentioned. You should try them out when you get the chance! You’ll have fun!

      • I’m glad the lawn is happy! I’m also relieved to hear the floods are kept at bay. Still so scary.

        Thanks for the photo-editing tip. I’ll add that to my “when you have time” list. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Love you!

      • I know what you mean about the “when I have time” list. I am always into, well, everything and have lots of projects going at the same time. I do find that early mornings are good quiet times! Aw, love you too!

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