Storm Clean Up



Can you spot all three deers?


I walked through the Park today to see where all the water was coming from on Monday while a river ran down our road. The black squares are made of thick heavy rubber and were at the bottom of all the slides. Most of the squares were washed away and I tried to pick one up and could not, that’s how heavy they were! In the above photo of the deer, I found a huge gully that must have overflowed which was right behind the playground, which got flooded and washed away all of the mulch and covered up more sewer grates along the way.


The water then ran through the ball field and through the parking lot and down our road. What a mess to clean up, eh! The city has a lot of clean up to do in the park for sure! And the week is not over yet, with more storms coming.

7 thoughts on “Storm Clean Up

    • It has been raining here since Monday when that bad storm blew through & made all the mess. The ground is so soggy and squishy when you try to walk on it, and the dogs do smell like “wet dogs” because they are!

  1. oh no! What a mess. I’d be over there cleaning off the grates myself. If it can access the sewer because of it being plugged up with mulch, it’ll find it’s way elsewhere and that’s never good. Hope you don’t get hit hard. Take care.

    • I am glad that I went and checked out where all the water was coming from in the park. I never knew that huge sewer drainage ditch was back there, and now it makes sense on why we got so much water running down our road like a raging river on Monday. That mulch needs to be cleaned up on the sewer grate up there for sure!

  2. I see two deer! Looks like the city best redesign that sewer drainage inlet. The fence seems to have acted as a dam as well. Glad you all missed out on the storm action!

    • There are three deer in that pic! We did not miss out on that storm action, this was the big one that hit us on Monday which made the river on our street and flooded our basement. The city needs to definitely clean up that storm drain for sure!

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