Seek Immediate Shelter, Now!

This is the emergency message we got on our phones last night, to seek immediate shelter now!  We had a tornado watch in effect and approximately 10,000 lightning strikes, per the news channel we were watching. The tornado siren blared in the background from the fire station down the road, as we sat at the kitchen table watching the rain and lightning. If you click on the photo, you can see the water roughly flowing down our street.


We even got the dogs in their harnesses, just in case we did have to head for cover, but we never had to. We just watched out the front window as our street was filling up with water. Within just a few minutes of the rain starting, we watched as both sides of the street started to look like little rivers with some major force behind them, and then all of a sudden, both little rivers connected, which completely covered our street. The rain just kept coming and before we knew it, the water from the road started to rise up and over the front part of our lawn and up our driveway. We got worried. And, we worried for a good reason because when I headed downstairs to check the basement, it was flooding. Yikes! This is something that no one ever wants to see.


We called our neighbor for help to get the water out as we made numerous trips to dump the shop vac outside into the river in front of the house. I had a brilliant idea and turned on the carpet shampooer to suck up the water in the laundry room, and it worked like a charm, as the guys worked in the other half of the basement with the shop vac. Thank you so much Shawn & Roy for helping clean up the basement! A few hours later, we got all the water out of the basement.


While watching the river in our street get wider and wider, we noticed two large objects coming down the park road towards our road. At first I thought it was two deer, but then realized it was two of the large garbage cans from the park.


There is damage everywhere, the roads took such a big hit with the flooding last night, as huge chunks are missing in the road. The pieces missing are so big that you can even see the metal screen underneath the road in some places.


Now, today, the street sweeper worked on cleaning up the debris on our street, and then I saw the city workers filling in all the holes with blacktop. Thanks guys for your fast clean up!

The only bad news is, that they said we have yet another storm heading our way for tonight. I’ve got the shop vac on stand by…


48 thoughts on “Seek Immediate Shelter, Now!

  1. Wow, that was really something. Sorry I’m a few days behind. I hope the next storm night wasn’t as bad. We’ve have a few tornado’s in Alberta every year but they’re not frequent. Be safe! Good thinking on the carpet cleaner too. My gosh that would have been rough running in and out to empty containers.

    You’re neighbourhood sure is nice and green but no one needs that much rain. Take care

    • Gosh, it has been raining since Monday and the ground is literally soaked and squishy when you walk on it. The dogs have had a continuous wet dog smell all week. Finding your basement flooded sucked, but I am glad that the carpet cleaner worked, but it filled up in seconds and I had to do lots of dumping! Thank God the guys worked on the shop vac water dumping as it was too heavy for me to do. We’re looking into getting one that you can hook up a hose to to empty the water now. Better be safe than sorry, ya know!

      • Oh man, now that is scary for you. Be safe! Are the wild fires close to your home? If so, water your house down! It is pouring here again, and we would be glad to send our rain your way! Stay safe my friend!

    • Hi Michael! We came through it ok, but it stunk that the basement got flooded. The weather has been quite scary on how quick it can change from one minute to the next. What got me really scared is when I heard the tornado siren from the fire station. The other thing that I thought of was that if we had to run to the basement for shelter from the tornado, we would have been sitting in the water in the basement! Go figure! Mother nature is cruel!

      • nothing more eerier than hearing tornado sirens…i grew up in florida and am used to hurricanes, at least you can prepare for those…tornadoes you have minutes…glad your safe and dry…hope everything goes well with your basement and that nothing important got ruined

      • Nothing got damaged in the basement as we worked really fast to clean up the water. This happens every once in awhile, so we have mostly everything up high on shelving units. It sucks nonetheless, but when the water comes down that fast, you have to react fast. I could not imagine experiencing a hurricane, now that would be scary. When I heard that siren, is when I got really scared.

    • Hi Easy! We even have another flood warning for today (Wed) too. I just hope we don’t see the roads flood like they did. I was shocked seeing the road rushing like a river that was never there before, that was scary! We are all safe, but are well prepared with the shop vac for another clean out if need be.

      • my paws are crossed for a quiet night. floods are awful. we had one here once too. it was awful. the worst was that the content of the canalisation came up too. the mess was unbelievable.

      • I just walked around the basement just now to see if I had to pick anything up if we flooded again today. I think I am ready if the basement floods again. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it does not happen again.

    • Hi Guys! We got through our storm and spent hours cleaning out the basement. It just stunk to have to deal with this. Grrr! We were prepared to run downstairs though and the dogs had their harnesses on in case we had to run!

    • I was ok until I heard that siren, then I got scared. I got the dogs in their harnesses and ready to head downstairs if needed. Then I checked the basement only to find it was flooding. Geez, you can’t get a break around here! Now, we have another flood warning for this afternoon now and I am home alone.

  2. I can’t even imagine how scary this was for you. Is this unusual for your area, or something you’re used to? I’m so glad you and the pooches are all safe. Good luck tonight/tomorrow. Sending safe thoughts your way.

    • Hi Alys! Oh, last night was horrible and we don’t even live in a flood zone! To actually see your road look like a raging river was scary! Our second storm is coming through right now here, but I don’t think it appears to be as severe as yesterdays. Phew.

      • Phew is right. I’m simply stunned at the weather around the globe this year. We’re expecting 100F tomorrow and remain way behind on our rainfall. You on the other hand have rain in such abundance that it’s damaging your roads. Crazy!

      • Did you look into getting a rain barrel yet? We had 89 degrees yesterday and now today we’re at 57 and more rain is coming for this afternoon with another flash flood warning. Geez, enough is enough already! I was amazed on how that raging water in the street damaged the roads as it did.

      • I just blogged about our water audit, but I’m behind on comments, so I know you’ve read the latest in my water-saving research. We don’t get much rain (so far only 6 inches for this entire season) so I’m not sure how productive it would be in the area. It wasn’t mentioned at all in the water audit, only the graywater system. Thanks for mentioning it though. I’m thrilled that it works so well in your area. I wish I could have captured some of the ‘river’ washing down your street earlier in the week. Wildfires are already under way (9 in San Diego, CA) and a horrible house fire locally. It kills me to think of the water needed to fight them, not to mention the human misery of losing your home and the surrounding wildlife. Big sigh.

      • I saw the wild fires on TV and that is so horrible. I could not even imagine losing your entire house, but when they tell you to evacuate, you must go. I wish there was some way to contain a wild fire so it would not wipe out so much. There is so much misery in the world and some days, I don’t even want to watch the news. I am shocked on how little water you have had in your area. Is that normal for you?

      • I’m with you: I want to stay informed about the goings on, but the news can be so depressing, especially when watching at the end of the day when your mind is trying to wind down.

        Wild fires are the worst, and we are expecting many more with our dry conditions.

        We live in what is known as semi-arid. We average 14 – 18 inches of rain in a typical year. May, June and July get virtually no rain.

      • WOW! That is one thing that I truly love about my bloggy friends, is that I can see what is going on in their part of the world. I hear ya about the news. You want to be informed on what’s going on, but then are shocked to hear the results. Like last night, we saw a lady that has 50 skunks living in her house! What? The news is nuts!

    • Hi Guys! Aw, thank you so much for the well wishes. We survived the tornado/flood last night! It just stunk that the basement got flooded. Wait until you see the photographs that I took tonight of the skies! Huggies.

  3. OMGoodness! That sounds like an exhausting ordeal. I hope the new storm is less severe. In my old house, when the basement flooded, I used the shop vac and each time it filled up, I dropped an immersion pump in and the pump tube emptied the vac into the toilet. Good luck. Stay safe.

    • It was exhausting and not something you want to see when you walk into your basement & see it flooded. We will have to look into that immersion pump for sure. Hugs! ❤

    • Hi Ya Carrie & Pups! Thanks for the well wishes! We could have used your help last night! I should have sent out an SOS for everyone to bring over their shop vacs!

    • Thank you so much Bacon! We got more rain again tonight, but not anywhere in the amount we got last night. Last night was brutal! We’re watching the news right now and they said that we are not in the clear yet, as more rain & storms are coming our way. I am keeping the shop vac ready!

      • OMP (oh my pig!) You might want to start that ark building 🙂 Please be careful my friends. XOXO – Bacon

      • Oh Bacon, we think an ark would be a fantastic idea! Our neighbor has a kayak that we could use to get to safety! Now today (Wed) we are getting flash flooding warnings (again) for this afternoon. If the basement floods again, I am on my own to clean it out as everyone is at work. Yikes.

      • Oh no. That is horrible my friend. Be safe… if I was there of course I would help you out if the basement flooded. I would be the little oinker riding the kayak around in your basement – snorts 🙂 XOXO – Bacon
        P.S. Hope that made you laugh at least a little bit my friend.

      • Oh yes I laughed, as I could just see you riding around in the kayak! Now that would be hilarious! Thanks for the laugh today and for the offer of helping clean out the water!

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