Say Hello To My Little Friends

It’s amazing some days when you head out into your yard and run across some unexpected new friends. And, these friends were welcomed!

I had to remove the bricks we had around the front flower bed because they got moved over the winter, possibly by hitting them with the snow blower, and when I pulled out all the bricks, I found a frog living in the muck under the bricks. He was not happy that I disturbed his little home, but I put him back in his home when I was done.


Fixing the bricks & finding our new friend, Froggy.

FROG 5-7-14

It’s amazing on how froggy can twist his leg around like that!


Look at that face!

Then yesterday, my neighbor Steve showed me a little Robin’s nest he had in his bushes with three baby Robins in it. They were so adorable with their little fuzzy heads and pink bellies. I don’t think they had opened their eyes yet as they looked really young still. Ah, the beauty of nature is so fascinating. These are welcomed friends because they do no harm to our bushes or plants. (Thanks for the heads up Steve as I got some beautiful photographs!)


Click on the photo to enlarge this, and you can see the little tuffs of fuzz on their heads!


This little guy opened his beak up, as he probably thought I was bringing him some worms!


Just think, they will leave the nest soon and will be pulling their own worms out of the ground.

Nature is beautiful, isn’t it?

17 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Little Friends

  1. Amazing photo’s Val. Your close up’s are so crisp and clear. Mr Frog looks miffed, LOL He should be grateful for the reno…tehe. Nature is a wee bit ahead for you. Our snow just disappeared a week and a half ago, but I’m hearing a beautiful Robin every morning. Love seeing those little baby birds, thanks for posting xK

    • Those little birdies are so adorable and I can’t get over the little tuffs of head fuzz. I laugh every time I look at those pics! Sorry to hear you got more snow over there, that stinks! Our Spring has been nothing but rain, rain, and more rain. (and, it’s raining while I am typing this too) Ug.

  2. I love all the living things that flourish in your garden – some welcome, some not!! But life goes on and everyone has to survive. You’re providing a haven for all creatures great and small.

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