Mower Maintenance

I proved to myself yesterday that a girl can do anything. Yep, anything. I treaded into unknown waters, but thank goodness I had directions to read. We bought a new mower blade last year and kinda forgot about putting it on, but while cleaning up the garage a little, I found the blade. I remembered that the bolt was a little tough trying to remove it, so I grabbed the trusty ole WD40 oil and oiled the heck of it.


While I was waiting for the oil to soak in around the bolt really good, I decided to clean out the grass under the mower. But I had to think about safety, and I unplugged the spark plug first. (phew) I propped up the mower and leaned it up against my bag of mulch and went to work. What worked best for me in scraping out all the grass under the mower was a small putty knife. That putty knife and I became best friends yesterday as we worked so well together.


I searched for the proper tools to remove the bolt. I found my Sweetie’s tools and a 5/8″ socket and got to work. From the start, I realized that when I turned the wrench, the blade also moved. Not good. Hmmmm. So how do you remove a bolt when the blade turns with it? You go get something to “hold” the blade in place! Yep, thank goodness I have a brain and I grabbed a hammer and placed it under the blade and pulled up on it while I turned the bolt to remove it. It worked like a charm! Yeah!


Ok, now that I got the bolt to slightly loosen, I needed to make certain that I put the new blade on the right way, so I unwrapped the new blade and laid it on the garage floor in the right position. So I continued to work on getting the bolt off, and I carefully pulled the bolt, the blade, and the blade shaft off slowly and set it on the floor.  All I kept thinking was that I had to put everything back on in the same order.


It actually was easier than I thought it was going to be, but the rusted on bolt was my biggest hurdle. Once I got that sucker off, it was quite easy to take the old blade off and replace it with a new one, so girls remember that you too can do things like this! Your hands get really dirty though, but no biggie, that’s why they invented soap.


With the new mower blade on, I felt that the actual mower needed some cleaning up too, so I wiped it all down and grabbed my car wax. Yep, I waxed my Sweetie’s mower and gave it a nice shine, then I used the Armorall Tire Shine for all of the black parts of the mower so that they would shine too.  It’s like we just got a new mower yesterday and I can’t wait to dirty it up again!


26 thoughts on “Mower Maintenance

  1. Snap! Wax and Armoral’d tires to boot 😀 It looks spanky new. I’ve always been hands on too. (or maybe I’m just impatient?) Ha, why wait if you can do it yourself? Good job Val and good for you. Girlpower rocks!

    • I have used the mower several times since I replaced the blade, so I feel confident that I did it correctly! I had to see if I could do something like this myself, and I am glad that I did! Girls Rule!

  2. It does look brand new! You go, girl! I have to confess I leave mechanical maintenance stuff to my hubby….he’d probably be scared if I attempted something like that. LOL!

  3. Love it! You are my kinda gal Valerie!! I was wondering if you had to place a block of wood in the deck to stop the blade from rotation, to enable the turning of the blade bolt. I had to do that with all three blades on the John Deere when we had a lawn to mow. The mower looks great too, well done!

    • A trusty hammer worked perfectly to keep the blade from moving! I do love delving into places where I have never traveled before, and this was a great test for me! A little small victory!

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