Pledge For Pets Fundraiser Results


The 9th annual Pledge For Pets Fundraiser was held this past Friday & Saturday at the APL and it was all about the animals!  The grand total that the APL raised for their event was $84,518.33, and Nikitaland’s total fundraising amount was $1,175 !  Thank you again for those of you who helped us raise this much needed money to help those animals in need and we hope that they all can find their “forever homes”.


When we first arrived at the APL, I needed to turn in all the checks and cash that I raised offline, so Nikita and I headed into the Cash Room. From the second we entered, Nikita got tons of hugs from the volunteers at the APL, and lots of belly rubs too! As you can see, Nikita is not shy from asking for belly rubs!


Glenn Anderson from Q104 just loves our dogs and he always makes sure that he poses for a photo with us!


Bella was a little shy at first, because there were just so many people at the APL, but she quickly warmed up to everyone and won their hearts over.  I can’t tell you how many people approached us and asked if our dogs were up for adoption! What?!  It did not surprise me that they asked this, because the APL had lots of other dogs walking around that were up for adoption and I guess Nikita and Bella just blended in. No way would we ever give up our beautiful girls to anyone!


Bella took a pee break outside and strikes a pose!


Nikita met another new friend named Katie.

Our local radio station, Q104, was at the APL hosting the event and as always, they did a super job in broadcasting the event and getting the word out about the importance of how your donation impacts an animals life. Alan Fee, Glenn Anderson, and a newbie intern always make this event so enjoyable.  They even got the intern to sit inside a dog cage to help collect “cage sponsors” and I even walked over and gave the intern a doggie treat while she was in the cage.


After we spent a few hours watching the live radio show, it was time to head home. We knew the dogs had enough and were tired, so we packed up our things and journeyed home.  We knew the dogs would pass out when they got home.  When we got into the car, Bella decided that she wanted to drive home.  Nikita took a nap in the back seat.


We are so proud to be a part of this event every year, as it means so much to us, and we are so thankful for everyone who helped us raise the much needed donations to help the animals find love, happiness, wellness, and a forever home.


We hope to see your continued support next year! Hugs from all of us at Nikitaland!


Say “Cheese!”

P.S. – FYI, Saturday, May 3rd was also our five year anniversary too!


25 thoughts on “Pledge For Pets Fundraiser Results

  1. Don’t know how I missed your fun story, but I love all the photo’s and smiles. Congratulations on your tremendous donation too. Bella looks pretty proud at doing the pee-pee thang, LOL. Cute picture in the rearview too, love that one. Happy 5th Anniversary too. Bravo all around. xoK

    • We are proud every year to help out the APL by collecting the much needed donations to help the animals. Nikita and Bella love all the attention they get at the APL. Lots of people asked us if they were up for adoption, and of course, we said No Way! We have the best dogs ever and so glad we are able to give them a happy home!

    • Nikita and Bella love heading back to the APL to see all of their buddies! We are so proud of have helped lots of animals by all the donations we raised! We can’t wait to do it all over again next year, which will be our fifth year participating!

  2. Val, congratulations on your success. Your individual fundraising is quite impressive along with the overall amount raised.

    I loved seeing photos of you. You look so happy at this event.

    Congratulations on your five year anniversary, too.

    • Hi Ya Cupcake! Thanks for stopping by today! It was so much fun viewing this event live, as you could feel the excitement in the air! Nikita and Bella had a blast, as always, seeing everyone at the APL. We can’t wait for next year already! Huggies to you!

  3. O Bella are you the driver? The green bandanas are wonderful! I’m glad the intern got a treat, for sitting in the age :o) btw: great you have a Hyundai, I miss my beloved ride every day :O)

  4. Hi ya Ruby! The event was awesome to witness firsthand and we are so happy to be able to help the animals! I love our family photo too! One happy family! What an amazing five years we have had! ❤

  5. What an awesome way to end the pledge drive; an amazing amount to have raised! I love the family pic…you guys look so cute! Happy Anniversary too! 🙂

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