Wordless Wednesday: Sprouting Plants


I captured this beautiful scene yesterday, before it rained again.


If you have ever grown Bee Balm before, you know how truly beautiful this plant is when blooming.


This is our Burning Bush that is starting to sprout. It would be a bigger bush, but the deer in our area have nipped this poor bush so many times, that it has stunted its growth. It is such a beautiful bush as the leaves turn red in the Fall, hence the Burning Bush name.


Russian Sage is one plant I have found that the deer do not nibble. It blooms beautiful purple flowers and fills in beautifully.


This is my cement stepping stone I made a few years ago! Yep, I made it with a mold I have for cement. I hope it gives the garden some encouragement!


I am getting our rain barrels ready for the garden season. We use these to water everything in our flower beds and the garden to save on using water from the hose. It truly saves on the water bill, not to mention that rain water makes the plants grow better. As you can see from the top of the blue rain barrel, I hooked up a gutter extension ($10) to our gutter that runs directly down to the rain barrel that catches the rain water. When the blue rain barrel fills up, I just switch out the gutter extension to the other rain barrel. To use the rain water we have collected, you can either hook up a hose to the spout on the bottom or just place your watering can under it. If you have never used a rain barrel before, it might be something that you should look into as it is a good way to conserve on the water you are using from your hose and it does in fact, save on the water bill.


18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Sprouting Plants

    • Oh yes, we have used rain barrels for a few years now and it does save money on your water bill! And, nothing beats natural rain water for your plants! ❤

  1. What an amazing photo you’ve captured. Beautiful Val. I think the rain barrels are a great idea. I had them on a couple of downspouts at the lake. I had one with a screen on top to catch any debris that came with the gutter water. I also really love Bee Balm. We call it Monarda and mine was pink. I also tried the lavender colour but it wouldn’t establish. We might be on the edge of the zone it likes to be grown in.

    • I do love my Bee Balm a lot! I also have some nice Coreopsis too that look like little Black Eyed Susans. I love how they blow back and forth in the wind. Yes, rain barrels are a must when you have a garden and/or want to save on your water bill. They definitely come in handy for watering our garden.

    • Oh yes! Bring on the Spring growth…finally! I even noticed after I took those pictures that the deer stepped into that flower bed and ate a bunch of the hostas! Grrr!

    • Oh I know, I could not believe that one really good rain can fill up a fifty gallon rain barrel. I think I only had the use the hose on the house twice last year to water things in the garden, and all the other times I used the natural rain water from the rain barrels! Nice! For those who have to ration their water supply, this is what they need to do!

  2. I agree that Mother Nature is amazing! I love that stepping stone a lot, and I am so proud to say that I made it. I love dabbling in cement! Encouragement is a good thing when it comes to growing stuff! ❤

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