A Little Ah-ha Moment

Little ah-ha moments are like light bulbs that light up over your head, and you wonder, “why haven’t I thought of this before?”  Sometimes the little ah-ha moments are quite silly, but then again… they might be useful.

I had a little ah-ha moment about, of all things, hot dogs! Since we can finally head outdoors and start grilling, one of the things that we enjoy on the grill are hot dogs, hamburgers, and everything else we can throw on! A grilled piece of meat sure beats cooking it indoors!

Anyhow, back to the little ah-ha moment. You purchase your pack of hot dogs and they usually end up right in the freezer, in the same packaging that they came in. This is what we’ve been doing for years, until I figured out that I am doing it all wrong.


When you throw that pack of hot dogs in the freezer – what happens? They all freeze together, right? Then, when you want to pull some out to grill them, you have to chop them apart with a butter knife. I got sick of doing this and that little light bulb appeared above my head and I thought… I had to figure out a way so I don’t have to chop the frozen hot dogs apart every time I wanted to grill some.


Problem Solved: When you bring home your hot dogs from the store, open up the package, drain the liquid from the pack, then lay them in a quart freezer bag in a nice flat row, and seal the bag. Then, just lay the bag nice and flat in your freezer.  You will never have to chop your hot dogs apart ever again, as when you need one or two, you just open the bag and pull them out and they are not stuck together!

Second Ah-Ha Moment: This is for those of you who like sour cream. Have you ever opened up your sour cream container and had to turn it over to drain all the liquid on the top? If so, here is a simple trick to do. When you are done using your sour cream, just run a spoon over the top of the sour cream in the container and make it completely flat on top. The next time you open up your container, there will be no liquid sitting on top of the sour cream. You’re welcome!


8 thoughts on “A Little Ah-ha Moment

  1. Mummy and daddy had that problem with frozen chicken breasts, they bought a huge box that was tightly packed and froze it…only they couldn’t unfreeze them individually lol. They learnt the hardway to bag them up before freezing them

    • I do that too with chicken! I learned the proportions that I need for every chicken dinner, and I cut up the large chicken breasts and bag what I need. It is so awesome to figure little things like this out!

  2. I don’t eat hotdogs but I’m glad you can get outside and enjoy your grill. I hardly ever buy sour cream, because Mr B hates it and by the time I go to put it on anything, the tube is spoilt. I sometimes buy it when I plan to make banana bread though, so I’ll have to remember that tip. Thanks Val 😀

    • You’re welcome! Not sure what creme fraiche is? The sour cream trick really works and I no longer have to dump that excess liquid off the top. Sure, some people might just mix it back in, but I dump it off, but don’t have to do that any more ever since I smooth the top out before I put the container away! I ❤ little ah-ha moments!

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