10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. What a perfect spot to enjoy a little sun. Such a cute face Bella! I don’t know if it’s Nikita and the bed shot or just because I got up at 5:15am but I’m really sleepy right now too. Except I HAVE to iron Mr B’s shirts today so he doesn’t have to go to work naked. Which he says he could, but only once…LOL.

    • Bella, and Nikita too, are quite photogenic! Bella loves sticking her nose into the camera lens. I’ve got ironing to do today too, as I don’t want my Sweetie heading off to work wrinkley! LOL

    • LOL, that is true, because if Bella did not have the wall to hold her up, she would have fell over! She starts off sunning herself by leaning against the wall, then the warmth of the sun takes over, and she seemingly melts and slides down the wall and ends up laying on the carpet napping. It’s cute to watch!

    • Oh yes, Bella is hilarious and a true sun goddess! Every time I can’t find her in the house, I always look for her at the back door and there she is! Nikita loves keeping her “special” toys near her at all times. ❤

    • Aw, thank you! Have a great day too! It’s really cold here today (30 degrees) and Monday we had 68 degrees. What a change! Thank goodness I did not put away my winter coat yet!

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