Oh Deer! They Returned

4-22-14 DEER BW

It did not surprise me when I saw the baby deer again the following day, and she brought more friends with her. I walked around the corner of the house again in the morning and there they were, hanging out in my neighbors yard. I think they hang out over there quite a bit because the woods are right next to their house and that is where they seem to appear from.


The little baby deer got super close to me again and I got a little nervous on how close it actually got. I just kept snapping away taking photographs of her, but then I realized when I looked up on how close she was. I took a few steps back, just in case, but I think I have perked her curiosity and that is why she keeps walking closer to me. It kinda would be cool to say that I got to actually touch her one day, but I am not sure that would ever happen.


If only the deer could talk, I am sure they would be having some interesting conversations.


This is my little buddy.


Look at that adorable face!


I am enjoying watching the deer, just as long as they stay out of our garden.


25 thoughts on “Oh Deer! They Returned

    • WOW! Thanks for this link! I have heard this before but my first thought was what happened when it rained? Would the soap bubble? Would the soap be bad for the flowers/plants? I might have to try this as the deer just ATE our emerging hostas yesterday. I think it is time to head to the store for some Irish Spring now!

  1. Sigh, they are so beautiful and sweet. I miss seeing little deer friends. We’d also get them at the lake. I think they’re so precious and sweet. Lucky you to enjoy them so close Val. Great photo’s The zombie eyes made me laugh. It’s kinda handy to have glowing eyes if you’re going to wander on the hi-way at night.

    • Yes they are beautiful, but yet, they are so destructive and eat everyones flower gardens and veggie gardens. One got into our garden last year and took down more than half of our hard work & veggies. It took us months to get everything to grow back again.

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