Oh Deer!

No matter what time it is that I head outside, they are always lurking somewhere near. I came around the corner of the house yesterday and what did I run into? Yep, you guessed it – DEER!

I ran right into a Mommy and her not so small baby standing there looking at me right in our neighbors backyard.  I turned around immediately, and ran into the house to grab my camera.  I helped our neighbor a few weeks ago clean out their flower beds from the winter, and she had asked “I wonder how all of my solar lights got broke?” Well, dear Julie, I got living proof for you by this photograph!


The deer in our area are so used to seeing humans, that they don’t get scared off when they see you. This little baby deer just stood there minding its own business and was checking out what Julie had in her flower bed.


In this photograph, the deer looked at me with a ‘what’s up?” look and even as I walked closer to her, she never ran.


I got so close to her that I felt like I could have reached out and touched her. I did have to remember though, to look over my shoulder to see where her Mommy went, just in case she did not charge at me!


All I can say, is that I hope we can hold the deer off from getting into our garden. That would make us very happy campers gardeners!

24 thoughts on “Oh Deer!

  1. Ha, ya ya, you need a take out window. Bleep, “two rows of carrot tops to go please”. I wonder if they’d enjoy vegetable peels and such? They’re looking pretty healthy considering the winter we had. Their fur is all tidy and all. Beautiful neighbours! I’d never get anything done if I could visit with them all day. HA, Mr B used to ask me to limit the peanut purchases I did for the squirrels. What if I adopted Deer and bought out the produce section? “oh ya hon, all them carrots are for my friends”….hehehe.

    • Now that is one thing that I am NOT going to do – – – feed those deer. I don’t want to encourage them over here at all! Just being next door is close enough for me! They are truly beautiful to look at, but please stay out of our garden! All of our neighbors trees were pruned down to nothing from the deer eating them all winter. I feel bad for them, but they should have wrapped their trees up to keep them safe from the deer damage. Now, they have no trees.

    • Sounds just like here! We call the deer “Big Doggies” and when we say that, the dogs to go running to the windows! The deer are so used to humans around here that they don’t run away either. There are just too many of them as we have seen at one time at least 15 of them! Geez! I was surprised at how close I got to that one baby deer the other day – she just kept walking closer to me!

  2. Install an electric fence along with the 6 footer. Frankly, I am no friend of these animals. While I grew up around deer hunting in the deep woods of Michigan, I never have hunted but killed a deer once with my big pickup in the 90’s. I see them as enemies really…

    • They are beautiful to look at….when they are NOT eating YOUR plants or flowers. But, with the amount of deer we have in our neighborhood, they are destructive and they need to go! I like the electric fence idea though.

      • Try a TSC (tractor supply company) store or a farm store. Maybe they can set you up with one. Be sure the dogs can’t get zapped – it isn’t pleasant. Been there!

    • Nope. We will not be planting in our garden until the end of May, so we are ok for now. These deer are just all over the place in herds of anywhere from 4 to 15!!!! They just keep multiplying. I think they need to start passing out birth control to the deer around here!!!!

    • I love photographing them because I do think they are beautiful and amazing, but they are so destructive in our flower beds and garden. They walk around in huge herds around here! I could not believe how close I got to this deer and it did not even run.

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