Say it ain’t snow! Winter returns!

We already broke a record over the weekend, at least I believe so, of record high temperatures of 69 for the month of April. It was fantastic to finally be outside and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, doing a little yard work, and cleaning up from all the winter mess.


I started erecting our garden fence, trying to think of a new way to make it higher to keep the deer out. Our fence last year was 6 feet tall and a deer got in – jumped right up and over the fence. This year, we are not going to let that happen again! I actually witnessed two deer jump over our neighbors chain link fence like it was nothing. They just walked up to the fence and apparently just levitated right over it with no effort at all. That shocked me, as I never witnessed this before. All I kept thinking was, that if I don’t make our fence higher this year, they will get in again and I am not going to allow that to happen.


We got a new addition to our landscaping and picked up a beautiful red LED water fountain that we can’t wait to place out in the yard. We had our eye on it last year, but decided to get it this year.



However, when we woke this morning, we found the ground covered in snow. Yes, I said snow!  We heard a rumor that it was coming, but we thought “yeah right”. What a surprise though to find that they were not kidding about the snows arrival, and actually seeing it for ourself. It’s 32 degrees here today, and I’m back into my winter coat, hat, gloves and boots, and I feel like we’re going backwards instead of springing forward into Spring.  If this is an late April Fools joke, I am not laughing!



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28 thoughts on “Say it ain’t snow! Winter returns!

  1. That wasn’t very nice of Mother Nature, was it?? We got it too. It is finally starting to warm up again….slowly!
    I love the fountain! I’ve always wanted to add one of those too….but still haven’t. Maybe I will reward myself with one if I really get my flower garden whipped into shape this year!

  2. You are not alone, we’ve had two days of snowy drizzle an 34 F, but last night the temps dipped and we now are buried in white stuff. At least you’ve got a nice fountain to look forward too. I’ll watch for it. I’m assuming by June, I’ll be able to put pots out……..we’ll see.

    • I know Boomie, we are sick of the weather already and I just want to head outdoors in my flip flops already. I have been sick all week and I am still trying to get things done in the yard to fix it up. It all takes time to get done, but when you have a semi-nice day, you have to take advantage of it. Keep smiling, better weather is coming…eventually.

    • Uh, yeah! It has all melted today, but just waking up to see snow on the ground stunk! What I think I am more surprised about is that we had two days of 60+ degree temps and it dropped down to 32 and snowed. That’s crazy!

  3. We also woke up to a winter wonderland yesterday morning – April 15th – seriously! I’m pretty sure the grass seed I optimistically sprinkled on the lawn, is now dead. Ahhhhhh!

    • The seed is for sure done. It will not germinate now. The temps need to be at least 60 degrees consecutively for the seed to take hold. That is why I just laid down the topsoil in our yard only and no seed, as I did not want to waste any seed. We still can’t believe it snowed either. It is not Spring it is “Sprinter”. lol

      • Wahhh! I honestly didn’t think it was risky at the time. We’ve never had snow so late in April, and the weather was typical spring-like weather. Learned my lesson the hard way!

      • I almost put down our seed too, but I knew that if I did, I would have been mad at myself. We live and learn, but the weather as of late has been so unpredictable around here.

  4. Oh how frustrating, on both counts. Super-athletic dear and that darn snow, back for an encore. Things are looking nice and tidy in your garden, so hopefully any day now. Reading your posts makes me really appreciate the weather we have in the Bay Area. Sending warm thoughts and continued good wishes for your fundraiser.

    • Thanks Alys! We did in fact hit our goal of $1,000 and we are very pleased, but we still have two more weeks to go to do some collecting! Just think, you changed a few animals lives for the good, and that should make you feel wonderful! I know, it was frustrating to see the snow again. Not what I wanted to see today when I woke up. Just wait and see how I get the backyard back to fluffy green grass again in no time! Can you imagine if you woke up one morning to see snow on your ground?

      • I was born in Ontario, Canada, so I do remember the cold, snowy days and the long winters. We left when I was six and I’ve lived in sunny California ever since. I’m quite spoiled.

        I can’t wait to see you work your magic. Congrats on the fundraising!

    • I know what you mean, but what can we do? Absolutely nothing! I had to post the pics of the snow, so everyone would believe me! And this is the number one reason why we plant our gardens at the end of May, for crap like this! We love our new red LED fountain too! Just have to find the perfect place for it now!

    • We thought we already had our LAST snowfall, the last time it snowed….guess we were wrong! I still can’t believe two days ago I had a tank top on and wearing flip flops, now today I’ve got every thing warm on. Grrrr!

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