Cleaning Up After Old Man Winter

With fingers crossed, I think we have finally seen the last of Old Man Winter. This had to be one of the worst, longest, and coldest winter we have seen in years, and I am glad to finally say good-bye.

Now comes the all the work in repairing the damage that Old Man Winter has done to the yard. I gathered my supplies of garden gloves, my edging shovel, bags of topsoil, black mulch, and my rake. (and my camera too!)

Yard Recovery1

Our flower bed behind the house was created a few years ago. Once there was nothing there but grass, but I decided the backyard needed to be spruced up a bit, and now, it is a flourishing flower bed that has matured quite nicely. For starters, I wanted to remove the curve I had in the flower bed so the flowers have more room to grow & expand.


I started off with temporarily placing my garden bricks in a straight line to see how the bricks laid out. They fit in place nicely, so I set them aside and started to cut out the grass that was in that little curve spot with my edging shovel. This is a MUST do for a flower bed – – remove the grass first before you fill with topsoil!


Once all the grass was removed, I started laying the bricks to complete my straight line flower bed border. Brick by brick, I over-lapped each one until the border was complete. Then, I filled the flower bed with bags of topsoil, then mulched the area. Mulch is needed in a flower bed because it helps hold in moisture for your plants.


I noticed that a lot of my perennials were starting to emerge from the soil from all the sun we were having lately. I was pleased to see this as it tells me that our nicer weather will soon be here.

The dogs enjoyed the day outside basking in the sun and kept a watchful eye on what I was doing, just in case they wanted to help Mommy out.


Bella is always silly and has to stick her face right in the camera!


Nikita watches everything that is going on & sniffs everything in sight!


Bella relaxing in the sun. She is probably wondering where it has been all this time!


Nikita is checking out the garden fence, just to make sure it is safe. Sniff, sniff, sniff!


Here’s my best side Mommy!


I love this photograph of Nikita posing! Β She is so beautiful and loves spending time outside with Mommy.

We are so glad to see our weather finally coming together and even though we have lots of work to do, we are glad to do it. As for our raised garden, I got the first coat of polyurethane on the wood to help protect it from rotting, and we have our Miracle Gro garden soil & other nutrients ready to be emptied into the garden. I have already turned over the soil in the garden three times, so it is nice and ready for our plantings next month. Β It is still not close to the time to take anything outside, as we have to wait for any last sneaky frost warnings in our zone 5 area to pass.



32 thoughts on “Cleaning Up After Old Man Winter

  1. Wow, you have a great start to another successful year! I really like the paving stones you’re using. It looks so much roomier for your perennials, they’ll be extra happy. Bella and Nikita are no doubt happy to be outside with mom. Yah for spring.

    • Yeah for Spring, but they said it might snow tomorrow with 34 degree temps! Yikes! At least we got to enjoy a few days this weekend with nice warm temps in the high 60’s! Nikita and Bella love being outside with Mommy!

  2. So glad you’ve been able to spend some time in the garden – it’s a great feeling, isn’t it? We’ve just spent the weekend in ours – for the opposite reason – it was too hot and dry to do anything else before now!

    • It was nice to get outside for a change. We had a few nice warm days here, but it is a bit colder today and now they said that tomorrow it might snow! Yikes! Thank goodness I did not put down any grass seed or it would be ruined! Ah, the ups and down of this season.

  3. Everything is looking great!! We still have some snow on the ground in places, but I was able to get out some this weekend too. I took all the bird feeders down before the bears could find them, and started cleaning out the greenhouse and taking stock of what I might plant this year. It feels so good to get out there finally!
    I love how the dogs hang out with you when you’re working in the yard….mine want me to play ball with them whenever I’m outside! πŸ™‚

    • We might get some snow on Tuesday. Just the thought of hearing snow right now stinks! Bears? Oh man, glad we don’t have bears here! We are taking special care of our plants downstairs under the grow lights right now, and getting them ready to go out in the garden by end of May. (after our last frost) Oh yes, Nikita and Bella love hanging outside with their Mommy! I worked a little bit on installing our garden fence over the weekend and will be able to get it finished this week. Just lots of stuff to do and my achy joints are paying for all of my hard work already! LOL

    • A labor of love it is! I love working outside in the yard and mowing too! I don’t know if you know this, but I did work as a professional landscaper a few years, so this is where I picked up all of my knowledge. We enjoyed our day outside, but we just heard last night that we might get some snow next week! What!!!??? I was hoping it was all over!

      • Snow??? SNOW!!! I am indignant on your behalf. You and Boomdee keep get more of the white stuff. Grrr.

        I did not know that you worked as a professional landscaper. You are full of surprises. That is so cool.

      • Yes, that bad four letter word – SNOW! We just had a few nice days here and I even got some sun on my arms on Saturday, and on Tuesday it is going to drop down to 34 with snow. Geez. I can’t wait for the weather to get its act together already. The up and down temps stink, but we are used to it. I am working on getting our garden fence installed right now and will hopefully complete it this week. Yep, I did in fact work as a professional landscaper and learned a lot! I built stone walks and walls, installed sprinkler systems, graded yards with a tractor, and drove a Bobcat and huge dump trucks too! The customers were always shocked that I was a “girl” running the equipment. I just smiled. πŸ™‚

    • I still have a lot of work to do, lots of topsoil to put down to fix the pee spots, and then lots of grass to plant. Thank goodness the grass seed comes up quickly so the yard starts to look good! Have a super great weekend too.

    • Every year, I have many many pee spots to fix with topsoil and seed, it goes with having a dog! They are very good at supervising! I know they absolutely love it when they get to head into our garden area (once it gets blocked off). I think they feel like they are going into a room with lots of things to sniff.

    • The “Girls” are always by my side when I work out in the yard…and they always give me their opinions! LOL I love working outside a great deal, and don’t see it as a chore. Have a great weekend too! Hugs!

  4. It’s always a lot of work, but I like to do it. I prepared our furnitures first this year, it was such a long winter and I can’t wait to sit in the garden, even when I have a lot of work :o) I bet Bella and Nikita enjoy it too to be outside together with you.

    • Oh yes they love being outside with Mommy! I just want to make our backyard a beautiful place to relax. A nice place that a glass of wine can be waiting for my Sweetie when he gets home from work.

  5. Such beautiful dogs!! I am surprised you were able to dig the grass out – assumed it was still frozen not far below the surface. So good to see your weather warming finally. πŸ™‚

    • Oh no, the grass was easy to get up as it rained a few times already and the ground was squishy. That was my first project I wanted to get done and now I can plant a few more colorful things in the flower bed! I know, aren’t those photographs of Nikita and Bella beautiful! Nikita looked so adorable! ❀

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