Wordless Wednesday


NIKITA 4-1-14





22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • I said that to Nikita when I was FURminating her. I told her that Spring and better weather is coming where you can go outside and play in the backyard without any snow! They usually spend all day outside with Mommy and help me in the yard while I work. It’s pouring rain here now, at least it is NOT snowing!

  1. “I was fulminated”…LOL. I wish the kitties would let me do that. Blossum doesn’t mind a brush, but Petals hides. Buddy never liked the Vacuum cleaner, but if I petted him at the same time, he might put up with it for a tad. I recall it all collected under the dining room table…..what’s with that?

    • Oh boy, if it was not for me vacuuming twice a day, we would have fur tumbleweeds blowing around all over the floor! Since we have wood floors throughout the house, you can see the fur easier, and yes, it does accumulate under the table a lot. Bella won’t leave me alone when I vacuum. She sits on her bed when I vacuum with the long handle attached, but the second I remove it and put the brush attachment on – – it’s Game On and she comes running to get vacuumed too!

    • I know! I probably could have had a bigger pile, but since I brush Nikita every day, I figured that was enough for one day. She looks so much better after being brushed and FURminated! Bella just loves to be vacuumed! She is so silly! 😀

      • Great dogs! Nikita did look awesome in this morning’s picture. I think the sound of the vacc scares dogs off, but some can handle the noise. Zeus looks like crap right now. He needs a cut bad but we need an infusion of $$ first. Damned house payment and bills you know….

      • Oh we know first hand on the $$ part. Nikita and Bella don’t mind the vacuum, but it’s probably because they got used to it from a little puppy, as I vacuumed them back then too!

  2. hahahaha, now your mom can make a Nikita-Sweater :o) Bella, you must be a really brave girl, I always run when I see the monter with the long tail what eats my dirty pawprints and all crumbs :o)

    • Are you kidding me? We love being vacuumed, both of us! Mommy started doing this to us when we were little pups, so I guess we got used to it. We chase her when she’s vacuuming, because we want vacuumed too! ❤

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