Our Gardening Adventure Has Begun

With the hopes that all of the snow is now behind us, and Mother Nature cooperates and allows Spring to finally arrive, we have started our adventure into the wonderful world of gardening.


We are still in a thawing stage right now here in our area, and actually had a nice warm day yesterday that melted all of the snow we received over the weekend. I actually had the chance to head out to the garden and turn over the soil for the first time this year, in preparation for our 2014 gardening season.


I am not sure if most of you know, but this will be our third gardening season. We learned a great deal of advice from our neighbor, Steve, who has grown the most incredible gardens that we have seen, and we have also learned a lot from trial and error. All the things we did wrong in our first garden season in 2012, we corrected going into season #2 in 2013, so we hope that this year we can once again produce lots of veggies.

RED PEPPER 3-30-14

We have started our seeds already in the basement under the warming grow lights, but we started them a few weeks later than we did last year. (this pertains to the trial and error part I was talking about) Last year, for instance, we started our tomato plants too early, and by the time they were ready to head outside, they were already too tall.  This year, we want a more manageable size heading out to the garden. This is all a process, but a process that teaches you all about gardening and what “works” for you.  Some people do things differently, and that’s fine, but we are finding our groove of what works for us.


We know for a fact, and if you did not know this you’ll thank us later, but tomato and pepper plants need Magnesium. If you have ever grown a tomato plant and noticed your tomatoes splitting at the top, or had a dark color bottom that looked like it was rotting – – well, that is a sure sign that your tomato plants were lacking in Magnesium.  By sprinkling Epsom Salt around your tomato and pepper plants once a week, and watering regularly, you will provide your plants with the much needed Magnesium that they require. You will not see any more split tomatoes or bottom rot on them, and your pepper plants will grow bigger and produce nice sized peppers. (you’re welcome!)


If you have followed along with our gardening adventure last year, then you know that we had a deer jump our fence and ate half of our garden one night. It was devastating to see. So, with the start of a new year of gardening, we have that high on our priority list to put up another high fence to keep them out.


What I find truly fun and intriguing too, is watching our seeds germinate and grow each and every day. They have needs. They don’t complain. But they need tender loving care a few times a day. They make me smile. And, one day, I will be enjoying my tomato and cucumber salads for lunch every day. We actually picked over 1,200 Juliet Tomatoes last year alone! (and yes, I will be counting every tomato I pick this year too, just to see how it compares to last year)


We are so happy to have started our journey and adventure again into gardening, and as you know, we always keep you up to date on what’s happening. We’re far from being experts, we’ll take any advice we can get, but we love the experience of gardening and working in the dirt.



We hope you will enjoy following along with us and watch our progress on how we setup our garden and it’s growth.

31 thoughts on “Our Gardening Adventure Has Begun

  1. I absolutely love your pictures Val! I just smile every time I see the seeds start to grow. It’s so exciting to see them get bigger. 🙂

  2. Go Val Grow 😀 That’s a whack of Tomatoes you grew, you might turn into a tomato yourself after gobbling up that many. I was going to buy a spaghetti squash on day at the market and it rang in at over $5.00 so I asked the checkout gal to remove it because that was too expensive. So you’re going to save $$ with your harvest. Have Fun!

    • $5 for a squash? Yikes! I would have put it back too! When you plant a garden and harvest your own veggies, it really does save you lots of money at the grocery store. For the price of a pack of seeds, you can grown many many tomato plants that harvests hundreds of tomatoes to feed you the entire summer. Heck, our plants fed the family, the neighbors, friends and we still had lots more! We look forward to gardening every year.

  3. Awesome, I was wondering when you were going to get started. I can’t wait to watch it grow. Great photos as always!

    • Hey Dave! Yep, it’s that time of year again as we start on our gardening trek. We did start a week or two later than last year because we wanted our plants not to be that huge or lanky when we put them in the garden. What I can’t believe is how fast the cucumbers germinated. I planted the seeds on a Thursday, and two days later they were popping up! Amazing!

    • I did forget to mention, did you see how much we have raised so far for the Pledge For Pets Fundraiser? If not, we have raised $905 to date! We are already $200 over last years donations! WOW! We are so happy, but we still have all of April to collect more! If you know of anyone else who would like to help us out, give them our donation link buddy!

    • I love all the steps involved in getting our seeds to germinate, watching them grow, and the journey they take in the garden as they explode with fresh veggies. Nothing is better than something you have grown yourself!

    • Container gardening is cool too! You just need to be a little bit more creative on a balcony, but it is totally doable! Try some Miracle Gro soil in your containers and watch your veggies grow like mad!

    • Some of our seeds did not pop either, but we replanted more and they came up! We love gardening and can’t wait to get them all out in the garden, but that won’t be until end of May after our last frost of the year. We always have to be careful of frosts that sneak in on us here, and we have to cover all the plants to keep them protected. ❤

  4. Oh, that’s so exciting and it’s so fun to see all of your little seedlings! I have a greenhouse for starting my seedlings, but I can’t even get in it yet….there is still snow piled in front of the doors! I actually decided to take a little break this year and I wasn’t planning on starting a lot anyway (I tend to get carried away). Gardening is definitely a trial and error process…I think I learn something new every year. It can be frustrating too though, like when a deer jumps in and eats all of your hard work! Since I’m not doing as much this year, I will definitely enjoy seeing your progress.

    • We learn something new every year too, and our neighbor has been a huge help in answering our questions. Not sure where he got all of his knowledge, but he is always right on when giving advice. It is frustrating to find all of your hard work eaten in one night by a deer or something else. Last year we had so many critter issues that we were about to scream! From chippies digging up every seed that we planted, and planted, and planted again, to ground hogs digging under our fence to get in and dine, to birds & chippies eating our strawberries! YIKES! This year, I am going to build a strawberry frame that goes all around the whole strawberry bed to keep every critter out. (and that will be a good blog post in itself!) I am glad that you will be joining us on our journey in gardening this year! ❤

      • We bought a strawberry bed kit, which came with a frame and netting, so we got lucky that was one lesson we didn’t’ have to learn the hard way! My biggest problems have been that my soil wasn’t good enough and nothing would grow, and then various insect problems also. We have a fence around the whole garden area that keeps most of the wildlife out, but the deer have eaten a lot of my flowers which aren’t fenced off.
        Want to make it even more challenging? If you don’t already, try to garden organically….that adds even more challenges! 🙂

      • Having the right soil composition is important, I will agree on that one! Ever since we started sprinkling a little Epsom Salt around our tomato plants, they no longer split on top or get that bottom rot. Tomatoes and peppers need Magnesium to grow big and strong, and we have seen such an improvement in our plants by using this method. Our first year gardening, we did not know of this, and wasted a lot of veggies by them not getting enough Magnesium. We learn from our mistakes, and what is important things to do in a garden. Our strawberry plants have spread so well in the bed that they are in, so this year we are sure to have a full crop to pick!

    • Trial and error is what gardening is all about, not to mention all the goodies we get to eat! I definitely got my fill of tomatoes last year for sure! I do enjoy watching the seeds turn into beautiful plants! ❤

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