The Red Baron Tug of War

Wednesday nights are when we watch American Idol and we usually have something fun for dinner like pizza. Red Baron pizza is our favorite. If you know us, we love Idol, but this year something is different. I usually would have blogged a few times about who we love in the competition, but we are not too happy with this seasons outcome. We are so glad, however, that we don’t have to sit and listen to Mariah and Nikki throw daggers at each other because that got really old last year to watch. We do in fact, love this seasons judging panel made up of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and the dreamy Harry Connick Jr.  If any of you have been following along with American Idol this season – – what do you think so far?

Anyhow, you know that our dogs have a huge cardboard fetish and that goes without saying. Their eyes gloss over in anticipation of getting their paws on that cardboard box. They sit beside me patiently as I attempt to rip open the box and remove the frozen goodness that awaits me. Only 15 minutes to wait for pure joy.


Nikita grabbed the box first. And, as she always does, she runs to her safe place, her bed. She looks around to make sure that no intruders are in the vicinity to steal her new found happiness. Nom nom nom, she starts to nibble.



But wait! What’s that? She sees an intruder approaching. MUST TAKE ACTION NOW!


She attempts to defend her new cardboard Heaven, but something went wrong! She lost her grip on that oh so glossy pizza box and saw it get snatched away from her.


She paused for a moment in disbelief as she watched the Red Baron run down the hallway. “Ok, now you are going to get it you pizza box stealer!”, Nikita said. Here I come to claim what is “Mine!”


Nikita ran down the hallway and barked at the intruder that was hiding in the bedroom. She blocked the doorway so they could not sneak past her. “Give me back MY box!” Nikita howled.


The intruder did not heed any of Nikita’s warnings, and they ran, rather pranced, right by her…proudly displaying their new found joy.  Ooooh, the race was on!


A scuffle broke out in the middle of the kitchen as Nikita and the intruder battled for that piece of pure joy. No one would let go of that box. The only way to settle this dispute, was for the referee to intervene and ripped the box in half. One half for Nikita, and the other half for the sneaky intruder who always seems to steal things around here.

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27 thoughts on “The Red Baron Tug of War

    • OMG, it is so funny that you brought up toilet paper rolls because Nikita’s eyes gets glossed over when she sees a roll close to being empty in the bathroom. She will keep bugging me until I give it to her. They never last long. ❤

    • Oh man, it was hilarious to watch these two in action over this darn pizza box! The looks on their faces were priceless! Like for instance, Nikita had the box and when she saw Bella sneaking over, her look was like “Oh no!”, then Bella ran over and took it and she was like “holy crap, I got it……now R-U-N!” These two are a hoot to watch!

    • This box actually survived a little longer than regular cardboard boxes, as it has a nice shiny coating on it! I was surprised on how good the photo’s came out that I took, because I was chasing them around the house trying to get them to be still so I could take the pic, and all they were probably thinking was “R-U-N, Mommy is trying to steal my box!” They do look out for each other though, and you can tell that they truly love each other so much. One woofs, the other one has to woof, that is the code.

      • I love witnessing the love between animals. We have four cats currently, but not related or ‘friends’ per se. They get along though. But in my thirties I had brothers and they were great, great fun together. They would ‘wrestle’ on the floor, chase each other, groom each other, and sleep together with their limbs crossed. Quite endearing.

  1. Perfect solution! I love the Idol judges this year, too. I am a country music fan, so I like the country boy, even though I can’t remember his name. I also like MK, even when the judges are down on her.

  2. No need for expensive toys, right? Our two girls had no interest in cardboard boxes until our puppy came along. They are one of his favorite toys and now the girls love them too, and they play tug of war a lot. Luckily I work at a general store so I have an endless supply of free toys available! 🙂

      • That’s a good idea!! My boss, unfortunately, is not really a dog person, so I’m not sure he’d go for it. Maybe next time he goes away on vacation we’ll try it! 🙂

    • Hi Easy! We have so much fun playing with boxes and we are so glad that our Mommy lets us play with them! The Red Baron box was very hard to rip, but we gave it heck! ❤

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