Hello Spring

Welcoming the arrival of Spring is so much fun! And even though our weather has not yet started to cooperate, I came up with an idea to at least make me smile.

I purchased some really awesome “leather look” shelf liner contact paper at a great price at KMart for sprucing up some drawers, and I have been thinking that I could use this for something else, not sure as to what, but today I got an idea!


I opened up my Publisher and scrolled through all of my fonts, and finally chose the “Grand Hotel” font and sized my text box font to 300. Yeah, I know that sounds really large, but the Grand Hotel font is smaller in size than other fonts. Since I found the font I wanted, I typed the word “Hello” and then printed it out on a piece of card stock paper.


Next, I got my very sharp x-acto knife out and carefully cut out the “Hello”.  This card stock hello will now be used as my template for tracing it onto the leather look contact paper.


Make sure you have a steady hand and hold down your hello template onto the contact paper, then just trace around it with a black Sharpie marker.  (note: the piece of contact paper that I cut out kept trying to roll up, so I just laid something heavy on top of it to flatten it)


Once I traced the “Hello” onto the leather look contact paper, I used my x-acto knife again and cut out the “Hello”.


You’re almost ready to welcome the arrival of Spring… all you need to do is pull off the backing on the contact paper and carefully place your Hello on your door!  Make sure you line it up straight too, if not, you can just carefully pull off the contact paper and realign it.


Now, every time I head outside, I smile!  And, when your guests come over, they will be greeted with a nice friendly “Hello” even before you open the door!


You can make your own “Hello” greeting for your door today by printing out the HELLO PDF template I made for you!  I just hope you have some adorable contact paper to use!

26 thoughts on “Hello Spring

  1. That’s really cute! I don’t think I could cut it out to look that neat. Our snow is mostly melted here but it is supposed to be cold next week… I am ready for it to be warm permanently!

    • Do you want to know what is happening here right now? It is snowing! Yep. The ground is all covered…again! I am so sick of this white stuff.

      I am glad that you liked my “Hello”! I bet if you had those nice small sewing scissors, you could cut out the contact paper with those instead of the x-acto knife. I love it on our back door and smile every time I see it! ❤

  2. You must have a very steady hand – it looks great! I really hope you have a lovely Spring – you deserve it after the cold Winter you’ve had. We are in Autumn (fall) already but the leaves haven’t started to change colour yet as we’ve had a very dry summer. Don’t you if you know that Downunder we don’t wait for the Spring, Winter, Autumn and Summer equinoxes for the official change of seasons – we just acknowledge them on the first day of the relevant quarter ie. Autumn started on March 1, so we are almost 1/3 of the way through!

    • I always forget that you are always in a different season time than we are. Trust me, we are MORE than ready to say goodbye to old man Winter here. Ya know, that is one of the reasons I truly love blogging – – it’s because of awesome people like yourself. I love it how we share our lives with each other and what we’re up to, and we are all just dang good friends, without even having formally met. Just think, if our Spring ever gets here, we will be starting our gardening season again! Yippee! I just get so excited about gardening that I could almost pee my pants! ❤

    • Hi Alys! I was actually surprised I could cut a straight line – had to put on the reading glasses to be able to see my Sharpie line! If you just go slow in cutting out your contact paper, it will come out perfect. I really do love my “hello” door and so did my Sweetie when he came home from work. ❤

      • I also wanted to tell you Alys, that words cannot express our sincere gratitude for your wonderful donation to the APL and helping us collect donations for those animals who need us. I personally wish I could rescue all of them and bring them home with us because looking into an abused animals eyes, you can see their pain, their suffering and all you want to know is…how can I help? Your donation today just changed an animals life, thank you!

        Hugs from all of us – ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Oh, Oooh now I’m excited! This looks so amazing! I think it would look just adorable on my little sewing shed door… not sure I could pull it off as well as you have though! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Carrie (Myfie, Ellie and Millie) x

    • I think it would even look cool on a garage door, but with “Welcome Home” on it! That font I picked worked out great! I had to put my reading glasses on so I could see where the Sharpie marker line was so I could cut the lines straight. 😉

  4. Wow, you are such a crafty chic! Glad the snow is gone, or it looks like it outside your door there. Hope the dogs enjoyed the pizza boxes. What favors are they? Hehehe

    • Hi John! Well, you already knew I was crafty, right? I just got a little craftier today! Yep, almost all of our snow piles are gone right now, phew! It is still biter cold here though.

    • Oh boy, we sure do need some cheering up with our stinky weather! Every time I take the dogs out the back door, I smile! That “Hello” is going to bring lots of smiles on those who enter! Make sure you print out the PDF in the post so you can have a “Hello” on your back door too! 😎

  5. You’ve made a cheery greeting there Val. How’d you think of that? Cute. I’m really impressed with how well you cute it out, good eye! We are presently getting snowed on and it’s darn windy out there. Spring got lost along the way 😦

    • Hi Boomie! I feel for ya, really I do, as it is pretty cold here too. Almost all of our snow piles are completely gone, just a few are still here that were pretty high. The rain we got yesterday melted most of them. I have seen some front doors that people had their house numbers on them, but they were cut out of vinyl from those silhouette machines, but since I don’t have one, I tried to make my own design and thought the word “hello” was the most suitable to welcome those who enter! Love it! ❤ Stay warm Sweetie! Spring will soon be here!

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