Wordless Wednesday






Pledge For Pets White Banner

Here’s an update on our progress  for collecting donations for the APL. To date, we have collected $700 and we are 70% to our goal! We are so pleased with the donations that have come in to help the animals who need our help!

If you are reading this post today, please consider making a donation, even if it $5, as it all adds up!  I need my fellow bloggers help so we can get those animals in need into their “forever homes” and help them find happiness & love!  



13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Hi Ruby! Guess what? I chased a tree rat yesterday too! Wooo hooo Man, I got so excited when I saw that little bugger…I huffed and I puffed and probably even snorted a little…and all of that was even before I chased him! LOL Yep, we took it easy the other day, as what else can you do when it’s raining outside, right? ❤

    • Aw, thank you so much for such a wonderful comment! We are spreading the word to everyone that we need donations to help the animals. It’s one thing to watch those commercials of abused animals, but it means so much to us to actually get involved and help make a huge difference & help them find their forever homes! It is such a rewarding feeling! ❤

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