Wordless Wednesday

Bella Cigar Bar

Nikita Nibbles

Alphabet Ice Cubes

Bella Here I come to save the day

Pledge For Pets White Banner

Just a quick update on our progress to raise donations for the APL…
Our goal is to collect $1,000 in donations and we are at 62% of hitting our goal.  We have already collected $615 in donations, but we still need your help!  If you are reading this, please consider making even a $5 donation today, as it all adds up to help those animals who need us! A great big THANK YOU to those who have already made a donation!


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Nikita always drug a towel around with her when she was a puppy and she still loves playing with them. Bella just stood there so proudly when I placed the nice warm towel from the dryer on her back. Oooooooh, she was instantly warm and she liked it!

    • Nikita and Bella grabbed some of the doggie towels I just got out of the dryer and they were running around the house with them! Bella loved the towel I placed over her back because it was nice and warm. Nikita just grabbed one and ran to her bed to play with it. Silly dogs! Huggies to you Boomie!

    • She holds her tenna-stick just like she is smoking a cigar! She would fit right in at the club! Man, I hope you’re enjoying some good weather, because we are getting dumped on with snow again today. I am so tired of shoveling already! Grrr!

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