The Snow That Won’t Go Away

We heard all about it. We heard it was coming. We prayed that it would pass us. It chose to stay around.


Yesterday, I worked a little bit out in the yard cleaning up all the debris that the snow plows left nicely for me in the lawn. It was a nice warm pleasant day that did not require my warm winter coat, hat or gloves. It was nice and truly welcomed.


Today is a different story. I woke up to pouring rain and thought “oh great, it’s going to be one of those days”. A day where all I do is dry off the dogs every time they come inside the house. I got the towels ready. Bella dislikes puddles, so it was quite hilarious to watch her walk around the puddles in the backyard trying to find the right spot to well, er…go.

3-12-14 NOON

The rain changed to snow before the garbage man arrived. It was that thick heavy snow, and it has been snowing non-stop today. And, on top of the heavy snow, we have 30 mph winds blowing in your face when you are trying to shovel.  Today sucks.


Most of the day, I have seen pure white-outs while looking out the window. I feel that I can at any moment just spontaneously combust due to my frustration with all of the bad weather we have had. It would not surprise me if I did. LOL

3-13-14 FOUR O CLOCK

I need to head back out to clear the driveway so my Sweetie can make it into the drive, but I wanted to share with you my wonderful day. I have already opened up some wine to lesson my frustration with this white stuff. Bella just sits by the front door watching it all!


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29 thoughts on “The Snow That Won’t Go Away

  1. This has to be the last big hurrah right? Isn’t there always one last miserable weekend and then spring comes rushing forth all at once? I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that this is it, and that the sun finds you sweet girls really soon!!! xo

  2. Oh phooey, is it because I bought new spring shoes? Mother Nature is a real pill down your way. Wicked looking and like you say, frustrating. You’ve got the right idea, stay inside, stay warm and enjoy some nice wine. Tomorrow it might melt 😀

  3. Oh you poor thing! And the dogs, too. What misery. Your photos really tell the tale. How late in the season does it snow in your area? Will this continue, or is it unusual? Sending warm thoughts, while at the same time understanding your frustration.

  4. Oh no! I hope the snow will disappear soon and you can do some funny things outside. But with two cuddly friends even the snow is bearable. btw: cement projects are done, hope I can primp it a little, it looks not really like planned :o)

    • Oh Easy, I dream of the days when the dogs and I can head outside and spend the day in the yard in the sun! I think that they are even sick of it, even though when they see huge snow drifts, they go crazy and do zooooomies through them! I can’t wait to see your projects!

    • Oh boy, it hit everyone! We have 12 degrees here right now and I still need to head out to do another clean up on the driveway. I can’t believe it either on how the day before we showed 69 on the thermometer, and then yesterday the storm hit. I am amazed on what a 24 hour difference can make at this time of year. Stay warm too!

      • Following here! I don’t envy you having to shovel the driveway… I was not looking forward to it and thankfully a neighbor kid showed up and offered to do it for a few bucks. Definitely worth it!

      • Oh man, I would pay someone a few bucks too to shovel ours too! Thankfully, we have a snow blower too, so I had to use it with the heavy snow that arrived on Wednesday. Thanks for following along too!

  5. I didn’t know if I should push the like button or not. I’m so ready for spring and luckily, here in Oregon, we are getting a taste of it. Sorry the snow piled up again on you. Here’s to spring being just around the corner!!!

    • Oh Beth, we cannot wait for Spring to finally arrive. One day earlier I was outside in 69 degrees, then yesterday all hell broke loose. I am trying to be patient and waiting for Springs arrival! Hugs!

  6. I am sorry your weather has hung on like this. After 52 years of it in Michigan, I really do feel your frustration. I will be driving my dad’s rig back to michigan from Florida the end of this month. I hope the crap is gone by then. Or at least settled down.

    • I know that you are well aware of the weather over here and it does stink. I remember a few years ago when we were building our raised garden bed frame and it snowed on us here in April. You just never know when you’re going to get it. Yesterday was super crazy! All the freeways were shutdown due to the massive car pile ups from the snow white outs. Like I said, it was really bad yesterday, white outs all day and I could not even see the houses or buildings across the street!

    • I am glad for that too! I can’t believe how many rocks from the road & debris that I shoveled up yesterday. Now, 24 hours later my fingers got frost bitten while using the snow blower. Our weather sucks!

    • Oh man, this vortex definitely did not miss us. I just heard that it will continue to fall until 2:00am tomorrow morning and up to 12 inches of snow in total. The 30 mph winds were horrible today.

  7. I feel your pain. We got 4 inches of heavy wet snow today, now it’s raining/sleeting and overnight it will be more snow, up to 12 inches. Along with that gusty winds and plunging temperatures!
    Spontaneous combustion….I knew I felt something coming on. LOL
    A glass of wine is definitely in order!

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