A Slight Sign of Spring

Winter in our area has been very brutal on us. It has dragged on and on, hammered us with frigid temperatures, high winds, and lots of the white stuff. My shovel needs a break already!


I noticed that some of our early Spring bulbs are popping up through the snow already. Silly bulbs. These bulbs need to get their act together, because every year they pop up too early and get stunned by the cold. Their growth is inhibited and they never seem to make it.


The time has been changing slowly too, as it is staying lighter outside longer, which is driving me nuts right now, as I always based when to start dinner by what it looked like outside. I now have to watch the clock to get dinner on the table at the right time. These are all signs that Spring is getting closer, and it will be happily welcomed here.


I always feel bad for our garden in the winter. It looks so sad all covered in snow. It wants to produce veggies and feed us. It is such a happy place in the Summer and we visit it often. The dogs even love heading into the garden with me as they walk around our raised garden bed sniffing all the leaves. Our strawberry patch is all covered in snow right now, just waiting to be uncovered and start growing again. I need to build a strawberry patch frame this year to keep out the birds and the chippies from eating all of our berries. I think I might make it out of PVC pipe and netting so the frame is light in weight.




We have lots of things planned to get accomplished this year in the yard & garden.

  • Build a wood table for outdoor dining.
  • Create an outdoor rug – I have seen cute ideas for outdoor rugs all over the place which are made from a painters drop cloth. They have these at Home Depot which I can stencil on.
  • Build a new garden fence – This is a must as I was not happy with the current fence we have used, so I want to build a new one.
  • Purchase a few colorful Adarondack chairs to add some color to the backyard
  • We bought an awesome red ceramic garden fountain to beautify the yard
  • In the Spring time, I always work hard to fix all the burned out pee spots in the yard from the dogs and all that is fixed with a little dirt and grass seed. The way to get a plush lawn is to seed, seed, seed every week. I do this all Summer long and the grass is so plush!
  • Spring time is a great time to sharpen all of your garden tools, and check your lawn equipment (replace mower blades, re-string weedeater reel, sharpen your lawn edger blade, get your gas cans refilled, and your 2-cycle stocked up)


Since the temps are warming up a bit for us this week, the dogs and I were able to take a few walks, do zoomies in the yard, and enjoy some outdoor time. I always enjoy watching them sniffing everything in sight and you can hear their “sniffers” in full gear! Then, it’s nap time when they head back in.


I made some adorable wood bunnies for Easter, painted them in a pastel pink and tied on a pink tulle bow. Nothing screams Easter like a pink bunny!


We hope to say goodbye to Winter real soon, as we are ready to welcome & say hello to Spring, new growth, and accomplishing lots of projects this year!

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19 thoughts on “A Slight Sign of Spring

    • Hi Misaki! At this time of the year, our weather is so strange. It snowed all day on Saturday, and now today we should get close to 50, then another snow storm in rolling in for us on Wednesday. Ug. We are just so tired of the ups and downs already, and just can’t wait for it to be all over.

  1. Busy busy and you have a list to boot, gads! Seems like a lot more of your snow has melted than here but we’re having a nice day today so we might catch up. Lets hope we’ve seen the last of the crazy vortex and the warm sun will start to do some magic.

    • Oh Boomie, it snowed all day here on Saturday, and today should be around 50 (maybe), but then another snow storm is supposed to hit us on Wednesday with 2-4″ of snow. Grrrr, we just keep saying to ourselves, just one more day closer to better weather…. I should click my ruby slippers together and make a wish! LOL

  2. Hello! Such beautiful signs of spring… I love that photo of the plant peeping up through the snow. You guys are almost there! Big hugs and kisses from all of us here at the ranch for you and the girls xo

    • I had to walk around a bit outside to see if I saw any signs of Spring and that’s when I saw the bulbs trying to peek through the snow mound. I can’t wait to just go outside without a coat & hat & gloves on already! Big hugs right back to you as well!

    • We all are hoping for the best too! We are soooooo done with all the cold temps, but the funny thing is, is that in the Summer when it’s hot & 90+ degrees, we will be wishing for it to be cooler! Silly humans, eh?

  3. You’re right! Nothing says spring like that adorable dressy bunny! Loud and clear! Your garden goals are ambitious, and I’m a little relieved that you didn’t say BUILD an Adirondack chair. That would’ve blown my mind completely.

    • I have seen where you can build your own chair, but I thought against it. I will get ours from either KMart or Home Depot! My old wicker table and chairs bit the dust last year, so I need to replace them! The table I am going to build should be awesome!

      But, just so ya know, I probably “could” build that chair if I wanted to! I am a girl with a saw!

  4. Nice photos! I see the snow has managed to melt back a lot. A woman who knows how to mix 50:1 or 32:1 is very valuable! My wife would have no clue about that stuff. Stuck pistons are not good…

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