Wordless Wednesday – The Slight Thaw


My Sweetie came home one day and saw this in the snow pile…


Nikita in her snow fort! Look at how high the snow is!


The snow fort!

BELLA 2-12-14

Bella posing so proudly!


I love her shadow in the snow!

NIKITA 2-12-14When is all this snow going to end?


28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – The Slight Thaw

    • I wrote that note to my Sweetie! He never leaves me any notes. We have lots of yellow snow out in the backyard. Today, it is actually starting to rain, so I hope a lot of our snow gets melted.

    • We agree with Sugar that it has snowed way too much already. Just this morning I heard that we are supposed to get another 2-4 inches by tonight. I am so done with all of this white stuff – – Bring On Spring! Both Nikita and Bella absolutely LOVE the snow too, but it is too high in the yard that they can’t even run in it any longer. Ug.

    • Ooooh, my Sweetie loved the heart in the snow too! It is not every day you come home to find something like that spray painted in a snow wall! I am still waiting for him to write one back to me…….

    • Aw, thank you so much! I really LOVE it too! I took that photo of them sitting together looking out the front door and erased the background and I just love how it turned out for the header! Now I can change their “sayings” each month! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  1. Well you won’t lose your dogs any time soon, those are the brightest coats ever. We used to always like making snow forts. We lived across from an empty field for years that the city used as a place to haul snow too. It was 1,000’s of piles of snow and we’d go climbing there all day long. Cute idea for leaving a message for your sweetheart, I’m sure that made him smile a mile.

    • My Sweetie loved his little note with spray paint in the snow! Thank God I dig the forts for the dogs, or they would disappear in the high snow. My Dad used to build us a neat slide every year in our backyard when I was growing up that we slid down with those metal round disks. (remember those?)

    • Do you see what I mean now? The snow is so high that there is no way they could just run out to potty without me digging out a fort for them. Bella’s fort is next to the garden (which I don’t think you can see in the fort pic. My Sweetie liked his little note too! I love leaving him little notes to find.

    • My neighbor made those adorable red bandannas with hearts that slip over their collars! Aren’t they so cute? I love the funny looks that Bella does when she is posing! xoxo

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