Dear Publishers Clearing House

Dear Publishers Clearing House,

I want to thank you for always filling up my inbox with your emails. I have clicked on each and every one of them, did what you asked, played the games you told me to play, and always got my entry in before the deadline.

Some times I think that you send out all of these emails just to get us to make a purchase to win the big prize of $5,000/week for life, but you do state that no purchase is necessary to win.  If I had the money to purchase an item or two, I probably would, but that is why I am trying to win your contest because I would in deed like to win the $5,000/week for life. I am definitely deserving of this as I have played your games, and entered each and every contest for years now.

If you chose me to win your contest, I would put the money to good use. I would pay off all of our debt, donate to good causes, and help those who need it. (like the guy who walks around our neighborhood who looks like he needs help) and make sure that all the animals who are in need of help, get it. I don’t need the money for extravagant vacations, or luxury cars, but would make sure that the people who I love are well taken care of. I would probably buy us a new home with a bigger yard so the dogs could run and play, and we could have the biggest garden ever.

So dear PCH, please find it in your heart to pick me when you are combing through all of your entries. The money would not change me, as it would only go towards doing good things. I don’t ask for much in this world, other than to be loved, shown respect, and be treated like I do matter. I am one person who would pay it forward if you chose me to win your $5,000/week for life contest. I made all of your deadlines, and did what you asked, so please choose me!

Thank you!
Signed, One Deserving Girl

16 thoughts on “Dear Publishers Clearing House

    • I was goofing around and thought a letter to them was in order. We always dream of winning the lottery of some sorts, don’t we? Life would change, but I would not. I would still be the same caring person, but would put my fortune to good use. Hope all is well for you on your end of the world!

    • My chances of winning are the same as if I did not enter, but I thought I would write a silly letter to them. They do a great job filling up my inbox though every day with their emails! LOL (by the way, thanks for joining my little library board!) If you know of others who would like to join, let me know. I really would love to make one of these for our neighborhood!

  1. Good letter. That should do it. Check out front and see if the guys with the balloons and the giant check are standing on your porch. I have a strict policy of only entering once a year – in January. So far, nothing. I may need to work on a letter, too…..

    • LOL! Ya know what? I would not know what to do if I did see them standing out in front of the house with balloons, but I do know that Nikita and Bella would let me know they were there first! I just had to write that letter because I am getting so sick of all their emails filling up my inbox. I did my part, now they need to do theirs and “show me the money!”

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