Snow is Beautiful…Until You Have to Shovel it

1-25-14 Snow2

Snow is beautiful, when you don’t have to shovel it.  We got hit really bad this weekend with more than a foot of snow. It started snowing late Friday night and did not stop snowing until Monday morning. We woke up on Saturday morning to a white out and spent the entire day cleaning off the driveway just to keep up with the amount of snow coming down. It was crazy! In just an hour, we had another few inches pile up on the drive and it just never stopped. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday and it snowed the entire day! It’s been awhile since we saw snow coming down like this so hard and for so long, and we are just so glad that for now, it has stopped. Now, we’re back into freezing temps of zero for a good part of the week. We laughed when we heard that we might even get 40 degrees this weekend, as that will feel like a heat wave to us right now!

1-25-14 I need wine

From using the snow blower, and our shovels, and even our leaf blower, we kept up with the snow removal this weekend. We only saw the city’s snow plows once or twice the entire weekend, as they were busy clearing off all the main roads. Side streets were secondary and a snow ban for parking on the streets was in effect. Whoever tried to park on the street probably made the worst choice ever, as I am sure they got stuck.


The dogs loved the snow though, as they ran and jumped in the huge piles in the yard. Poor Bella jumped in and sunk to the bottom and disappeared which was funny. But since the temps have dropped to freezing this week, I have to watch the dogs closely as their paws get cold really fast and they start limping. It is just way too cold for them this week to romp around in the snow and I keep a close eye on them. We would get the dogs those little paw covers, but we know that they would not like them at all.


Unfortunately for me, I now feel like I am getting sick from being outside the entire weekend. I am just glad that I am getting a little break from having to shovel and can stay indoors. Snow is beautiful…until you have to shovel it!

21 thoughts on “Snow is Beautiful…Until You Have to Shovel it

  1. I can’t believe the crazy weather you have. I love snow but like you say with its not so much fun when it comes to the practical things. Hope you get better weather soon xxx

    • Oh Misaki, right now we are getting dumped on AGAIN! They are saying that we have two to three back-to-back storms that will hit us. Great, eh? I am so sick of shoveling snow over here. I am dreaming of better weather & sun right now!

  2. I have doggie boots, but when Mom puts them on me, I walk like my feet are attached to helium balloons. Also, when we get outside, the boots stick in the snow and Mom has to dig to find them. Hope you can spend some time watching the beauty of the snow, and not have to shovel anymore.

    Love and licks,

    • Oh man Cupcake, I would love to see you walk in boots! I know our dogs would not like them on their paws either that is why I have not picked any up. We are finally having a few days without any snow and it’s 46 degrees today and feels so good. The weekend was wicked and we’re just glad we are done with the snow for now. Looking at the snow by the road right now, it looks so yucky.

  3. Nikita is the fluffy Shepard right? We used to have a Shepard Collie mix that looked soooo much like yours and her name was Nikki! I love seeing your pictures because she looks so much like Nikki. We miss her a bunch, but she got really old and is no longer with us. Anyway, maybe I told you all this before. But we got her snow booties. She HATED them! it was kinda funny! Needless to say, they didn’t get put back on after that first time! Hope the snow goes away soon! and you feel better, too!

    • Yes, Nikita is part German Shepherd/Akita and is truly fluffy! She looks bigger than what she is because of all of her fluff! I have thought about getting them little booties too, but I know they would hate them. Nikita hates things on her head too. I have put on my winter hat on her and she immediately takes her paw and swipes it off. I am feeling a little better today, and it’s nice to hear from you!

  4. I’m sorry your getting buried and feeling sick too. 😦

    Nikita looks so regal in the photo! Bella is tall and lean, beautiful dogs Valerie. I’m glad you have a snow blower, and I used the leaf blower for up to three or so inches of snow if it’s dry and powdery. Theoretically, if you stand outside all day with the leaf blower, you’ll never have to shovel. Whoda’ thunk – something that blows could be good!

    • It is actually funny on how I figured out that I could use the leaf blower. Last year, I just turned it on to blow out the garage and noticed how it blew all the snow off the drive, then a light bulb went off! Hey, I can use this thingy on the driveway, and ever since, if the snow if fluffy, I pull out the leaf blower!!! We do have two of the sweetest dogs ever and they are so photogenic!

    • Hi Easy! I am feeling a little better, but something is trying to sneak in and get me. Alkaseltzer works wonders! 🙂 I wish I could share our white wonderland with you!

  5. We love shoveling. Mom refuses to get a snow blower because she enjoys being out in the snow and getting a good workout. It often takes a good hour to shovel a three car garage driveway, but she loves it. This week at -20 we had a 3ft drift about 15ft wide she had to shovel…it took half an hour but she did it and felt great after. Look at it as a healthy activity and then eat something decadent you earned it!

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