Rosie the Riveter – “We Can Do It”

We can do it, yes we can!  Oh boy, do I feel like Rosie the Riveter today! I accomplished a task today that I knew would not be that hard, but I was a little nervous on actually doing it.

The sun was out yesterday and I guess I got the Spring cleaning bug in me, so I spent the entire day cleaning, and steam cleaned every nook and cranny in our bathrooms. What a task that was, but I can relax today. Something was bugging me though. In our second bathroom we had a really nice oak toilet seat, but it was too big for the toilet, and we kept bumping into it as we walked past.  I had to fix that.

I headed out to the store today in the bitter 10 degree temps we are having, just to purchase a new toilet seat. I found a really nice inexpensive white wood one for under $9. Never thought that a new toilet seat would bring happiness, but it did.  Now I just had to install it.

I got a screwdriver out and proceeded to unscrew the old seat. I twisted that screwdriver again and again, and the screw seemed to be hung up on something.  “Oh great”, I thought, now what? I had to look under the toilet to see what it was hung up on and then I saw the plastic “thingy” that the screw went through.  “Ahhhhh”, now I know what it was hung up on. I got that thingy off on both sides and whala, the old seat was off. Yeah and yippee I exclaimed.


Now for the new one. I unwrapped that nice new white throne and was gleaming from my purchase. I thought, “this is going to be a piece of cake” since I just figured out how to take the old one off, so I went to work. I placed that new seat of honor on the toilet, popped in the new screws through the little flap that hides them, and then reached under the toilet to put that other “thingy” on. I am on a roll…..! I got both sides nice and tight so we would not fall off our new throne, then all I had to do was just close the two little flaps that covered the screw. Simple enough, right?


Nope. Not simple enough, because those two little flaps would not close. They were hitting the top of the screws! What the what? How could that be? I looked at the directions before I started. So I sat there for a minute trying to figure out what went wrong, and then it hit me. I had to unscrew those two thingy’s underneath the toilet (again) and take them off, then with my Rosie the Riveter skills, I figured out that the screws had to slip under the little flaps and then slide forward to make room for the cover to close.  Ahhhh, now I get it! Once I got them in properly, everything closed the way it should and we now have a new throne!

So girls, my advice to you is, when you think you can’t do something, all you need to do is just try. Even if you have a setback like I did, and I had to redo my work a different way, I now feel like I can tackle anything! Just like John from Our Retired Life has said to me “If we gave you a pocket knife, you could carve the world”, or something like that. He gives great advice, and I now know that even replacing a toilet seat can be done by a girl. Game on guys! (wink)


15 thoughts on “Rosie the Riveter – “We Can Do It”

  1. You crack me up. I love cleaning and fixing things, too! And it’s funny because we actually have a toilet seat that’s been bothering me. I guess it’s time I fix it!

  2. Yes, I’m sure you could carve the world, even with a pocket knife.
    I can’t wait to refresh some things here too or to rearrange something, think there is something like “spring cleaning” in the air :o)

    • LOL, I even got a cute hot pink knife for Christmas too! I better get carving! I heard of others who are doing Spring cleaning too, so the cleaning bug must be in the air! 🙂

    • Aw, thanks! I feel I can do anything now! I wasn’t going to try replacing it and just leave it for my Sweetie to do, but I figured I would at least try! I am glad I did! “I can do it too!”

  3. A big hat tip to you for tackling the toilet seat! Those plastic screws, or the metal screws can make it hell to change the seat. The white lid looks much better atop the head. See, you are a plumber too!!

    • Those darn screws! I was trodding along nicely, until I was wondering why I still could not get the seat off! I laughed after I saw the “thingy’s” that were holding it on, then everything was better! I found out that each “throne” is different, and our old one did not have those little flaps to cover the screws like the new one had. I agree, the white lid looks so much nicer and it is the right size. The oak one was 2″ too long. Just wait until you see what I am going to tackle in Spring! If I am a plumber, should I have taken a photo of my butt cheeks showing?! ha ha ha (silly plumbers!)

  4. Liking your update, little things are so refreshing. Good for you to ‘get er’ done’ I take mine off regularly to bleach in the tub. I’m a maniac about germs. No wonder I haven’t any fingernails. Saves a lot on polish though. Happy spring cleaning Val 😀

    • Isn’t it strange on how when the sun shines, we get inspired to clean? When it is dreary outside, we just want to do nothing, or work on crafts! I hear ya on the nails, I keep mine short cause all I would do is break them working on things, so why bother growing them out! Hope you are keeping warm! It’s 7 degrees here now and getting colder. Brrrr.

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