Wordless Wednesday


Nikita always knows where her toys are & keeps an eye on them!


Bella’s favorite ball!


Our red peppers, eleven days old.


Washing out yet another empty wine bottle! (FYI: You’ve gotta try Barefoot Pink Moscato, it’s delicious!)


28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • We all love wine recommendations, don’t we! Just when I think I will never ever like another wine, I taste something different and I fall in love! Happy Monday to you too!

    • Ooooh, you definitely need to know where your toys are at all times! It always surprises me when the dogs “know” when one of their toys rolled under something. They will sit in front of the place where it is until I come and get it out for them!

    • Ooooh, Mommy knows what is important! Thanks for popping on over today! Our Mommy is like a Moma-razzi who follows us everywhere and takes snappies of us! Geez! Have a sweet day Wally & Sammy!

    • Oh believe me, you will LOVE it! If you like sweet & fruity wines, then you will like the Barefoot Pink Moscato. I normally drink Barefoot Moscato, but I am now adding another favorite to my list! It is always 5:00 somewhere! LOL

    • I can’t remember, did you follow us last year around gardening season? If you missed it, you should see what we harvested from our small garden! We picked over 1,200 Juliet Tomatoes alone! And yes, our furry kids are adorable!

    • I only was washing that wine bottle out, but I have spray painted a few gold with star cutouts and put lights in them for Fourth of July. What are you making with your wine bottles? What wine do you like? If you like the sweet & fruity wine, try Barefoot’s Pink Moscato. We just tried it and it is wonderful. I also drink Barefoot Moscato too! My sweetie drinks Alice White Lexia Moscato.

      • I’ve been hand painting them and my idea/goal is to open a little Etsy shop and sell them as a way to help fund the rescue stuff I do. I spent entirely too much money on rescue last year so I’m hoping this might be a way to supplement my own income! I’m actually not a drinker really (on the rare occasion I do, it’s usually a Pinot noir) but a friend sells wine so I have her save the bottles for me after she does tastings!

      • I can’t wait to see your bottle paintings! Can you friend get us a discount on our wine? We love a glass of wine in the evenings with dinner, and definitely when we are relaxing outside in the summer. If you can sew, you can make dog beds too!

      • Hmm, I know she doesn’t sell either kind you mentioned, and she has to sell a minimum of like 10 cases at a time but I can ask! And dog beds is a GREAT idea. I have a sewing machine and am trying to teach myself. I was also thinking of making organic dog treats since I like to bake anyways. I’ve also painted some really cute mugs, too!

      • Another great idea for you is to make dog collar attachments that can slip on the collar somehow or with velcro like a bow tie, a flower, heart. Dogs need bling too!

      • Hahhaaha you’re right, they do! You have lots of great ideas! I’m not sure I’m skilled enough to make anything like that though

    • Oh yes! We had an opportunity to take a sample tasting of some Barefoot Pink Moscato when we were out to dinner and we loved it. I usually drink Barefoot Moscato, but now I have also added Barefoot Pink Moscato to my list of favorites!

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