Itching to Grow Something

As a gardener, the winter months weigh on you.  You flip through all of your seed catalogs, you dream of what your garden will look like, and you salivate at what you will be eating. You are itching to just get out in the yard to dig around in the soil, pull weeds, water, and baby your plants.

RP 1-11-14 POPPED UP

But we are not even close to gardening season yet. Our snow covered ground has slightly melted, only the high piles of snow still exist. The snow piles by the edge of the roads are all nasty looking with dirt.  Yet, we are still dreaming of gardening.  We won’t be starting any of our seeds indoors yet until around the end of February/beginning of March, but I have been itching to grow something.


So, I pulled out two red pepper seeds that I saved from one of our peppers and planted them in a little McDonalds sundae container, and put another container on top as a lid  to keep the condensation inside. I set the container under our little light we have on our kitchen counter to keep them warm and provide the light they needed to germinate. They were planted on January 3rd, and just yesterday the 11th, one popped up!  I was beginning to think that they would never germinate, but one did, finally.  Now, I have something to watch grow!


As a gardener, we love to watch things grow.  You feel the need to nurture something, and when you see it finally pop it’s little green stem from the dirt, you do a happy dance. And I did just that!  We are a long way away from starting the rest of our seeds indoors, but just having the chance to watch these little peppers grow under the kitchen light, is good enough for us right now.

I bet McDonalds never knew that their sundae cups were good seed starters!


20 thoughts on “Itching to Grow Something

  1. I guess that’s the best thing that ever came out of McDonalds for sure. It might be nice to retire somewhere where you could garden all year round. But with the weather being as nutty as it is, there’s no telling where that’s going to be. It was 9 C or 48 F, that’s crazy for January. Unfortunately a garden would have blown away, we had winds of 120 klm/hr or 74 mph…batten down the hatches.

    • Oh, we know for sure on how goofy the weather is. Wait an hour, and it changes. LOL Those were some high winds you had. Hope we don’t get them! Tie yourself to your craft table so you don’t get blown away Boomie!

    • If you remember from our past garden posts, we start all of our seeds indoors first under grow lights. We started these two red pepper seeds for two reasons: 1) we were itching to grow something, and 2) we wanted to make sure the seeds we dried last year would germinate this year! The second red pepper popped up out of the soil this morning too! Yeah! We are true gardeners at heart and love growing things. I might start a few flower seeds too so I can have something pretty growing in the house!

  2. Very cool!! Here in California, we can grow stuffs almost all year round, so Ma hasn’t missed too much cause it’s been so dang WARM this winter!!! You think it would be nice, (it was at furst) butts now Ma says we need some cold winter rain, and FAST! Anyhu, Ma’s bulb just bloomed and it’s FABulous, and some of the plants in the yardie are all confused and are starting to sprout some new leaves…
    Ruby ♥

    • Oh Ruby, that sounds so wonderful to be able to grow things all year round! We would be so happy to be able to do that! I guess you don’t know what it is like to shovel over a foot of snow in your driveway, eh? I would switch places in a heart beat! Tell your Mommy I said howdy! 🙂

  3. Very cool! I come from a family of gardeners. My house is located on our family’s business property – a nursery. I have 5 large greenhouses, some tree lots and shaded areas (which are empty right now) all in my yard. And my house is in the back. I get plants and flowers whenever I want which is nice!

    • Oh boy, you have the good life! I would LOVE to live where you do! We do the best we can for our little yard here in the city, but our garden produced a lot last year! We picked over 1,200+ juliet tomatoes from our garden last year and we can’t wait to grow them again! I would love to be able to get the flowers & plants that you do any time you want! Now that would be awesome! I would love to see some of your photographs!

    • I have never tried that before but I have heard the coolest way to get one of your flower pots ready for Spring time. They say to fill your pot with soil, plant as many bulbs (like tulips) as you can fit in the pot, leave it in your garage over the winter months, water once a week to keep the soil moist, and when Spring arrives, your pot of tulips will be ready to pop!

  4. My mom likes to experiment with all kinds of seeds, pip’s and cuttings. We use ole paper pulp egg boxes with the lid of a plastic egg box, so we can plant it out together with the paper pulp thingy around. But sadly we all have no green thumb :o)

    • When we started gardening a few years ago, we used those paperish pots too, but as the plants were growing, the pots got mold all over them, so we don’t use those any longer. I heard that the mold grew on them because there was no air circulation around the pots, and that made a lot of sense. We had so many plants on our table at that time, now I space them out. We love growing things, as you have already guessed!

      • Oh thanks for the hint, think we shouldN#T use them anymore, they are in the kitchen and with mold? not the best :o) I like growing things too, sometimes it is a surprise what grows from a pip or a seed of a fruit :o)

      • You brought up a good point. Head to the grocery store and purchase a fruit (peach etc or a lemon) and plant the seeds. You just never know how you can grow something from a simple seed! Also, you can buy a bunch of celery and chop off the end, put it in water and watch new celery grow! A pineapple top does the same thing too! Try some and do a blog post on your findings!

      • If you are unsure on how to start those fruit seeds, just do a Google search on it! Some you start in water, some in soil. Good luck and have fun!

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