14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great photos of the dogs! And it shows the snow depth, wow!! That mailbox can be replaced for ten or fifteen bucks, numbers and all. Home Depot has a good selection. It may take a miracle to get any city to replace a mailbox. Nikita is a big dog!

    • Aw, thanks John! But when the city workers damage a mailbox, they replace them. This is about the fifth time our mailbox was hit, but this time they are taking forever to get it replaced. Normally, they show up the same day to replace it. I am on them like fly paper to get this done! We don’t have to spend our money on a replacement. Nikita is a big girl, but it is mostly fur! Yep, we’ve got lots of snow here, but the sun is out today and it is 30 today, a huge heat wave for us! I’ll take it! Sure beats the -7 we had two days ago!

    • I love that pic of Bella in the snow! It appears that I whited-out the background, but that is all snow behind her! It looks so beautiful, like her! Both Nikita and Bella love wearing their winter coats outside! Mailbox was supposed to be fixed yesterday…and it was NOT! Grrr. Huggies to you Cupcake!

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