24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Uh yeah, they are beautiful to look at, but they are destroying everyone’s bushes around our neighborhood. Everyone will be replacing them come Spring. Our weather finally climbed to the 50’s yesterday and today, and all of our snow has melted, except the huge piles. It’s nice to see it gone, if only for a few days.

    • I am getting all kinds of compliments on that photo! I have taken that photo so many times, probably every day I catch them sitting together looking out the front door, and I smile every time. 🙂

  1. These are wonderful photos! The first one has a great silence to it that keeps your interest but it’s also serene. I could look at it all day! Happy howlidays!

    Please check out our cool giveaway with WagAware – bling for dog rescue! We’re #91!

    • Hi there Boingy Dog! Thanks for stopping by! I love that photograph too of our dogs! I did in fact check out your giveaway and I signed up too! Have you subscribed to our blog yet? Happy Holidays to you too! We love that WagaWare Charm!

    • Ooooh, we love looking out the kitchen windows! Bella is just tall enough to see out! We even had a huge groundhog sitting under our front window once that they dogs were going crazy over! I thought it was a porcupine, but I was wrong! We have seen deer (and lots of them), possums, raccoons, rabbits, chipmunks and lots more critters too! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you subscribe too!

    • WELCOME HOME! If only we could tame the population of deer in our neighborhood! Houses are too close together to do anything around here. They run in packs of 8-10 and are eating everyone’s shrubs down to nubs. The dogs can’t even sleep through an entire night without barking and running to the windows to bark at the deer, but the deer just stand there! Nothing scares them.

    • Hi Mike! Aw, thanks! I love it when Nikita and Bella sit together by the front door. I have so many photographs of them at the door, and I smile every time I see them there together. They love each other so much!

    • Ok, now that is not even funny! LOL Thank goodness for us, the deer is eating all of our neighbors bushes. They did enough damage to our garden earlier this year! Grrrr. I feel bad for our neighbor though, as all of his bushes are damaged badly.

      • I remember the bad things they did in your garden. Bet that’s a deer-scout :o) My granny placed some dog hairs on their path to her garden, she said that would keep them away. Some people said it works, some say its useless, but it’s not much effort to try it.

      • The dogs patrol our garden all summer long and the deer still got in that one time. One time was enough though as they did major damage to our garden. We are trying to think of a new fence idea for the upcoming gardening season.

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