An Open Letter to Kohls

Dear Kohls,

On December 1st, we ordered a new pair of fluffy slippers for me from your store.  As of today, we have still not received them.  We have been looking up the tracking information every day since.


It appears after watching the tracking information, that it took them six days to even pack up and ship my new slippers.  To me, that is quite unacceptable.  SIX DAYS to pack something up?

Apparently, my slippers started out in Grove City, OH on 12/6/13, (we’re in Ohio, by the way) arrived at the FedEx location on 12/8/13, departed the FedEx location on 12/9/13 in Grove City, OH.  One week later, now on 12/16/13 my slippers somehow managed to travel to Clinton, PA and are at the FedEx location since 3:20am.  Why did my nice new pair of slippers have to travel out of Ohio and into another state?  They were closer to delivery here in Ohio, now they are getting further away from me!  As of today, the FedEx tracking information stated that the estimated delivery of my nice new slippers should be on 12/20/13. Come on!  TWENTY DAYS for a delivery!  That is totally unacceptable!

We thought that placing our order online would be quick and painless. It has been truly PAINFUL and definitely NOT QUICK. If I would have known this, I would have just wasted the gas in our car and drove to your store to purchase them myself, then I would have my new fluffy slippers already and my feet would be warm!

We did however, receive an email over the weekend that Kohls is “sorry” about the delay, and have given us a gift certificate to use before the end of the year, but it makes me unsure if we should even use it as their shipping stinks.  Who knows when we would get this shipment? Do you truly think that dangling a gift certificate in front of us would make everything all better?  Think again!  We feel that you are trying to cover up your mistakes in getting our item to us in a timely manner and we can see right through this trick of yours.

So, dear Kohls, after this experience of shopping at your online store, we will never be placing another order from your company ever again. Although we truly understand the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us, and can understand that deliveries can be delayed, we fully feel that taking 20 days for an item to arrive is truly unacceptable in our eyes as the customer.  We are not even sure at this point, that we will even get our item, my nice new fluffy slippers on the 20th, for your sake, we hope we do.

A Dissatisfied Customer


14 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Kohls

  1. Oh, that’s horribles!! Ma has ordered from them befores without a problem, butts that is no excuse for takin’ SIX DAYS to pack something for shipping!! Now, abouts FedEx….Ma had the same experience this last couple of weeks with them. They said it was the weather, butts things from UPS didn’t seem to have a problem arrivin’ on time…even early!
    That’s why Ma LOVES Amazon!! BOL
    Sorry abouts the delay with the slippers, butts they sure are CUTE!!
    Ruby ♥

    • Oh I know, aren’t the slippers we purchased really cute? If only I could get them on my cold feet!!! I will do the tracking again today to see what state they are in now! Grrrrr. Yes, UPS does a great job in delivering! That is why we use them for our eBay shipments!

    • Yep, I truly understand the busy holiday delivery season, but this is taking way too much time for a simple shipment. Those slippers would look so nice on my cold feet, if only I could get them. I will check on the tracking information again today to see what state they are in now!

    • WOW! Now that is the best guess I have heard so far! I hope my slippers get their passport stamped at every location it stops at! LOL, but it’s not funny! I just don’t know why it left our state? If it leaves PA, then I am going to flip out!

  2. Don’t hold your breath! I no longer shop at Kohl’s online because I had a similar bad experience. They even said the package was delivered but I never got it. They did replace the items, but it took another 3-4 weeks!! They didn’t even offer me a lousy gift certificate, and it didn’t even happen to me at Christmas time. I do hope your slippers show up though!!

    • I hope my slippers show up too! (aren’t they cute, by the way?) I will never order from them ever again. What I can’t believe is that my slippers WERE in Ohio – – and we live in Ohio, and now they are out of state!!! They are getting further and further away from me! Gawd!

    • They should! I just want a simple pair of fuzzy slippers to keep my feet warm and it appears that I ordered something impossible to get. Geez, who knew slippers were such an obsolete item?

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