The Jolly Man in the Red Suit

I truly don’t know how this all started, but that jolly man in the red suit scares the crap out of Nikita.  Who could have ever imagined it, that the guy who brings millions of kids toys every year could make our dog have heart palpitations!  Sorry Santa, but Nikita won’t be sitting on your lap this year.

The first time we took Nikita to see Santa, she was about five months old.  We stood in line waiting to see Santa with all the other doggies and she was having a blast sniffing lots of unfamiliar butts.  It was until we got closer and walked up to Santa, that she threw a hissy fit, right there in the store, in front of all those other doggies.  We were like “you’ve got to be kidding me!”  She scratched and clawed her way on the floor in the opposite direction.

Unsure of how to react to this, we just picked her up, cuddled her, reassured her that everything was ok, and then walked over to Santa with her so she would not be afraid.  Even with us sitting next to her by Santa, she was still scared of him.  Her facial expressions were so sad, her ears were down, tail was between her legs, and she just sat there next to him looking so pathetic.  We took the picture anyways, because we were so excited to have our first doggie photo with Santa.  But, once she got a few feet away from the jolly guy in the red suit, her ears went back up, she wagged her tail, sniffed a few more butts on the way out, and she was happy again.

Even years later, this has not changed with her.  Nikita is still scared of Santa Claus. Even the last time we took her to see Santa, she walked into the store so proud, greeted everyone she met with enthusiasm, even jumped up on the table where we purchased the cute Christmas frame for her photo to go in and said hi to everyone, then she turned, saw Santa and tried to crawl in the other direction.  Santa even walked over to her, sat down on the floor and tried to pet her and she wanted nothing to do with this guy.

When we adopted Bella last year, we wanted so badly to take them both to get their photo with Santa, but thought against it.  We know for sure that Bella would have jumped right up on Santa’s lap, licked his face, and nibbled on his ear as she does with everyone she meets. Nikita would have tucked her tail between her legs and ran.

This is my best version of Nikita and Bella with Santa this year –


Has your dog ever been frightened by Santa? I am curious to hear your stories.

16 thoughts on “The Jolly Man in the Red Suit

  1. We’ve never tried it, because we suspect something similar would happen with our little beagle. She is often inexplicably afraid of certain men that come to our house, so I don’t see Santa going over well either!

    • Phew, I am glad to know that Nikita is not the only one who is scared of Santa! I wonder what it really is that frightens her so much. Everyone else she meets, she loves. It’s gotta be the suit!

  2. We never did take our dog to see Santa because Buddy shed really bad. Santa would have been coated in hair and the next kid would be a mess too. Also, we lived in the country and Buddy really only came into the city once a year for the V.E.T….ha. He was not fond of car rides for that reason, which was ok with us because it meant vacuuming the car after he was in there. Your cartoon is really cute too. Good Luck Val.

    • I know, right?! I still don’t know why I don’t like him, I just don’t. I know that he brings me lots of toys and squeakers to play with, but that does not mean that I have to like him. I appreciate all that he does for me, but he’s really scary! I am glad that you like the new header! Mommy took that photo of us sitting by the front door looking out.

  3. Looking good, Bella and and Nikita! Isnt that what Photoshop is for?? I absolutely LOVE Santa and Mrs. Claus, too. They were both there when I went to the firehouse to tell them what I wanted for Christmas. I sat between them and my biggest problem was deciding which one to kiss first!!

    Love and licks,

    • Mrs. Claus is probably sweet, but I have not met her yet. Only that big ole jolly guy is scary! Mommy did a great job photoshopping us in that pic with Santa, as that is the closest I am getting to him this year.

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