17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Dreaming of Christmas

  1. WOW! You’re are really lit up like Santa Land. He can’t possibly miss your house. Do other people in your neighbourhood do it up as big? We have one street in Edmonton called Candy Cane Lane, every house participates (I don’t know if it’s optional), man you’d love to live there. Your new header is very sweet too.

  2. I love your lights! Christmas lights always make me smile because they’re so peaceful looking at night! I love Nikita looking out the door too, is she watching for Santa?

    • Aw, thanks Ruby! And just think, we don’t even have ALL of them up either! We did not do the front bushes this year due to light outages (burned out bulbs) and because the deer in our neighborhood are eating the heck out of our bushes. Oh yes, I think Nikita and Bella are on their best behavior these days so Santa brings them toys! I caught Nikita sniffing a package yesterday under the tree (which was some doggie treats) and I laughed!

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