52 Week Money Challenge

52 WEEK MONEY CHALLENGEWe all know it is hard sometimes to save money, but when I ran across this idea, I had to share it.  It is a 52 Week Money Challenge and since 2014, a new year is quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to start this!

Here’s how it works:  Week one, you put $1 away.  Your account balance is now $1.  Week two, you put $2 away, your account balance is now $3.  With each new week that arrives, you put that dollar amount away and your account balance increases.  At the end of 52 weeks, you will have saved a total of $1,378!  You could use this money for Christmas, or to pay off some bills, but whatever you want to use it for, it will for sure come in handy!

I will tell you the truth, this is not going to be easy.  We tried it this year and got hung up at a certain week and failed to contribute the rest of the year.  I am going to try this again for 2014 to see how much we can save.

52 WEEKSIf you want to join in this 52 Week Money Challenge with us, just grab our “52 Weeks” button and add it to your blog and link it back to this post!  I will keep a list updated as to who joins in with us! Encourage others to join in too by writing your own blog post about this subject, and link it back to this post!

Click HERE to download the 52 Week Money Challenge PDF so you can follow along with your savings for 2014.  Just think, if you can finish this challenge completely in 2014, you will end your year with $1,378 in cash!  Now, that is something we could all use at the end of the year, eh? (you could even use the extra cash for a vacation that you have been putting off, now you can take it!)  Print out the PDF and hang it on your fridge or in a place where you can look at it all the time to remind you, then when you finish a week of saving, just cross off that week.  Note: Even if you miss a week, you can just catch up the next week!

And, for all of those “crafty” people out there, go grab yourself a nice empty jar, a coffee can, whatever you want, and spruce up the jar or can into something fun!  (My jar is an empty Salsa jar since I love Salsa!) Heck, for those of you who want to join this challenge with us, it would make for an interesting blog post to see of all of our jars & cans!  Go grab your beads and bling-bling and get your money container ready for the new year!

So, who’s in for the challenge with us?

20 thoughts on “52 Week Money Challenge

    • Oh I know, but the end results are worth it! You could pay off your holiday credit card bills, take a vacation, go out to dinner, pay more bills, anything you want….but as long as you are doing it each week, it will be worth it.

  1. Hi!! I missed your comment on my contact page, nice to meet you fellow John follower ;D that’s a nice sum after a year ^_^ good to do a surprise trip with! I’ll be joining in as soon as a find a job at our new location!

    • Greetings! Glad to hear you will be joining in! Make sure you grab the little “52 Weeks” button for your sidebar and link it back to this post, so I can keep track of who has joined! I hope you come back often and visit us too! John is great, isn’t he?!!! 🙂

  2. I really like the idea of this, but not sure how well I’d stick to it. Every year I say I’m going to save but it never quite happens. But I might give it a go

    • Oh Misaki, I hope you do consider joining in! Just think of the things you can do with all that money at the end of the year! Discipline is all you need, as we tried it this year and failed, but we’re going to try it again for 2014 and hope for the best! By the way….we got your AWESOME Christmas card today in the mail! Thank you so much! Your Christmas card is in the mail to you already too!

    • Hi Betsy! Thanks for stopping by today! I thought it was a cool idea too! It is hard trying to save money, but this way might make it easier to do when you have a GOAL set forth in front of you. You know exactly how much you have to save each week. Hope you clicked on the PDF in this post to printout the 52 Week Chart too! If you are joining in, let me know because I would like to keep a running list of who has joined in the challenge! (and don’t forget to grab the “52 weeks” round button for your sidebar too and link it back to this post) Thanks again for stopping by today at Nikitaland, and we hope that you can subscribe and follow along our wonderful journey of life! Have a great day! 🙂

    • If you are going to join in on this challenge, make sure you grab the “52 weeks” button and add it on your sidebar on your blog and link it back to this post! Pass the word around about the challenge! Yes, that would buy a lot of doggie treats for sure! 🙂

    • Yeah, another blogger joining in! Don’t forget to grab the “52 weeks” button and add it on your sidebar and link it back to this post! Thanks for reblogging it too! Just think, if we all join in, we’ll have money to pay off our bills in January!

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