How to get your blog to snow!

Ok bloggie buds, if you don’t already know this, I wanted to show you how to get your blog to snow!

Head on over to your dashboard, then to settings, then to General.  Scroll down to the bottom of your general settings page and place a check mark in the “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th”.  Click save!

That’s it!  Now, every time you view your blog, snow will be falling!  And, the coolest part is when you move your mouse over your blog from left to right, the snow changes direction!  Try it out today…and let it snow!

15 thoughts on “How to get your blog to snow!

    • It is so neat when your blog snows! I had found this option last year and left the box checked, so my snow turned on automatically this year! It truly makes your blog look so festive when it snows on it! 🙂

    • I know, isn’t that so cool? Some times when I figure out something to do on WordPress, I always assume that everyone else knows it too. But, I am changing that, and when I learn something, you learn something! So glad you could make it snow! Now one thing, you do not need to un-check that box on Jan. 4th either. Leave it alone – the snow will go away on 1/4, and then next year when Dec. comes around, your check box will already be checked and it will start to snow automatically! 🙂

    • Just like I mentioned to another blogger, some times I think that everyone else knows what I know about blogging, and I would be wrong. So when I figure something out, I am going to share it with everyone! 🙂 AND…..LET IT SNOW!

    • You probably already had checked the “snow” box at another time, because that is what I did a few years ago and it just saved my settings. So, when WordPress so to speak, turns on the snow option, your option for snow is already saved. I do love the snow falling on mine too! 🙂

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