A Dogs Personality Is Priceless

If anyone saw me with our dogs, they would know that they are loved. Sure, some times they act up, or act “like a dog” and need correcting, but for 99.9% of the time, we have the best well-behaved dogs around.

They get their treats after we finish our meals, that is how we roll.  We finish dinner, clear the table, and when we turn around, they are both waiting directly under the treat jar on the shelf.  It is cute to see each and every time, and never will that scene of them turning their heads to see if we saw them sitting there patiently waiting for treats ever get old.

I love noticing all of the differences in personalities too between Nikita and Bella.  Nikita has this knack of being so anal about “things she wants” that for some of the “things” she wants – she will bark at it, while other “things” she wants – she will just sit there and stare at it until I come over and give it to her.

For example, ever since Nikita was a little puppy, I have always let her play with the empty paper towel roll until she rips it up, then it goes in the garbage.  Things never change, as she still loves the paper towel rolls, but now, when she sees a roll (even when it is full of paper towels on it) sitting on the counter, she “wants it” and she will sit in front of that counter and stare at it until she gets it.  (or until I can’t take her staring any longer and have to put the full roll of paper towels in the cabinet)

Now Bella on the other hand, I could write a huge list of all the things that she likes, and one of them is always stealing a toy right out of Nikita’s mouth.  Yep, we have about 50 stuffies here, but she wants the ONE that Nikita is playing with, always! That will never change. Bella grabs that toy from Nikita, does a circle around the kitchen, “boops” Nikita on the head as she runs past, and so on.  Each and every time like clockwork.

I always wonder how dogs get their little “antics”, as each dog has their own “style” and personality.  No one teaches them these silly things, so how do they know how to do them?  Like, who taught Bella how to dance on her back legs?


One thing I do know for sure is, that Bella absolutely loves her new winter coat I got her.  She has been wearing it for a few days now and she loves it.  When she see me reaching for it, she knows she is going out.  But the most amazing part of this, is that you can actually see “happiness” on her face when she wears this red wooley jacket. I love the wooley collar too on her sweater as this makes the sweater even cuter! I mean, she actually lights up and has an adorable spring in her step, kinda like a “hey everybody, look at me” as she prances to the backyard to poop!


I got Nikita a new doggie sweater to wear and it fits, but it’s a little tight under her armpits, so I might have to tweak the sweater a bit.  I was going to take it back for a refund, but I think I might be able to fix it for her to wear.  Nikita’s sweater is the type that you have to pull on over their head and then maneuver their legs through the leg holes.  I don’t like these styles, but I wanted her to have a nice sweater too.


If any of you crafty sewers out there have a pattern for a dog coat that will fit a large dog like Nikita, please email me the pattern or contact me so you can mail it to me!  (Nikita is about 70 lbs)  I would like to have the type of coat like I got Bella (see photo), but one for Nikita.  Bella’s coat is done with velcro straps.  One strap goes under her belly, and one goes around her chest, and it is on in seconds.  Trying to wiggle on a sweater that you pull on over their heads is too hard to do.

So what cute personalities does YOUR dog have?  


23 thoughts on “A Dogs Personality Is Priceless

    • Hi Auntie Boomie! Oh yes, I look fab-u-lous in my new winter coat! It snowed here last night and I got to wear my coat again today playing in all the snow! If you are cold….I can let you borrow my red coat if you need to stay warm! I am sure it would fit you! 🙂

      • LOL, not even on a good day would your sweet little coat fit me! Not even if it was the stretchiest material NASA has ever developed…LOL But thanks for your offer 😀

      • I just bought a new coat two days ago. It’s awesome, I wore it last night when we walked to dinner in -35 C weather. It’s down filled and machine washable. Has a detachable hood and side zips so you can jump in and out of the car without tearing out your zipper…1/2 price! Yahooooo for pre-santa sales 😀 How’s your booties liking the cold so far?

      • Oh the booties I got last year are working out wonderful in this cold! I shoveled the drive last night and my feet were warm! Then, this morning I noticed that I got a text from my neighbor last night saying that she was going to bring me a cup of hot chocolate out to me, but I had gone in already. Now, was that not the sweetest thing ever? (she is my new neighbor that just got married in Oct.)

  1. Bella you look arooooooooootiful in your new coat!! Mom says we have very distinct personalities too, her and dada often sit and talk about us and how different we are and how they love us for it.
    Wally & Sammy

  2. B., you are styling hard in that new coat! What a looker. It’s beautiful! My purple coat goes on the same way – Velcro neck and under-the-belly strap. I LOVE when Mom gets a dress or sweater out of the closet. That always means something fun is about to happen, so I hop onto the couch and let her dress me so the fun can begin.

    Love and licks,

    • Get outta here…..! You have a purple coat? Oh man, I want one now! That sounds so cool! Holy cow, I would be stylin’ walking down the street in a purple coat for sure! My red one does kinda the same thing, everyone just keeps saying how cute I look in it. The straps on it sure make it easy to get on and off! Wouldn’t it be fun if you came over and we could have a dress up party?!

  3. Great photos! Bella is a beautiful girl, such awesome fur too. Zeus? He just LOVES chasing his ball around the house, and fetching his rope, and hanging in the air from it while we hold it. And running like a total maniac around the house. 10 pounds of pure energy. 🙂

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