Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, it’s cold outside!

That is an understatement for sure.  It is officially 21 degrees here in Cleveland, OH this morning, the winds are fierce, and we got snow.  We were surprised when we woke up that we did not get the amount of snow that we thought we were going to get, as the snow was blowing around last night so badly.  The ground is covered, but not enough that I have to shovel the driveway, phew.  But the cold 21 degree temps is what is brutal.


The dogs love it!  And they should!  Anyone with four legs would run like crazy through all that white stuff with a great big smile on their face.  It’s funny to watch when their paws touch the snow.  It’s like something “clicks” in them to say…”RUN” and run fast, and run in circles!  I love watching them play in the snow and grunt along the way. (I always call them “snow grunts”)  Zooming in the snow is the thing to do.


I caught the dogs checking out their stockings the other day, and also sniffing the gifts under the tree.  Of course, I had to grab my camera to snag a few pics, then I actually got them to lay down in front of the tree for me too.  I started to wonder if they could smell their “treats” inside their stocking and if I should hide them elsewhere, but I think they will be ok since neither Nikita or Bella touch things like that.  So they are safe.


We did get a new addition to our Christmas decorations that peeked the dogs curiosity.  We got an adorable lighted Rudolph that now stands next to our Christmas tree!  Rudolph’s nose even blinks red!  Both Nikita and Bella were not sure what to think of him as we put him together in the kitchen, and they did what any dog would do… they sniffed Rudolph’s butt!




Today is all about keeping warm and trying to keep the trips outside to a minimal, but that will never happen, as I have already been outside with the dogs about seven times.  I am starting to think that it’s not because they have to “go”, but rather because they want to run around in the snow. Hmmm.  I don’t blame them though, as they love the snow & playing in it. If all else fails, I’ll pour myself a glass of wine.


Stay warm & cozy!


27 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. You have already got the tree up with gifts, wrapped and under the tree! I can’t even imagine how you manage to be so organized. Sorry to hear about your weather. Must have left here on gone there. We’re finally warmed up. Well 0 C or 32 F.

    • Yes, we have our tree up already!!! I have freaked out the entire blogging sphere that I have my Christmas decorations up already! I said what the heck and pulled them all out one day and got busy! (but then again, when am I not busy with something?) I am actually enjoying them now and don’t have to decorate during the hub-bub of the holidays. Good thinking on my part, and now we can enjoy the holidays and have a few glasses of “cheer”! 🙂

  2. Your house looks nice. It was 8 degrees at our cabin when we woke up yesterday morning and we had enough snow to plow (about 4 inches). I hope it melts before we get more, but who knows….lol.

    • Oh man, 8 degrees! Now that is coooooold! We are supposed to be getting another storm front coming through here tonight or tomorrow, so we’ll see. Like I said, I am not ready for the white stuff yet, but it’s coming whether or not I’m ready for it. LOL

    • Hi Ann! Glad you like our decorations! We love Rudolph too! I can’t believe your dog hates the cold! Get them a wooly coat and they’ll like the cold better! I am a freeze-baby too, so don’t feel bad! 🙂

  3. Your furry babies are so handsome posing in front of that gorgeous tree! You’ve inspired me to make the trek down to the shed, dust off the Christmas decorations boxes and get moving putting up ours! I can’t imagine what your weather is like – so cold and snow outside. I have a bit of a romantic, Hollywood notion of living with snow, but I’m sure it’s much different in reality. Still, cosying up to a heater with a glass of wine does sound great!

  4. Oh WOW you’ve got your Christmas tree up already!!! We don’t put ours up until well into December but mom thinks your idea is grrrreat and may just put our up early!

    Mom says she love that last photo!
    Wally & Sammy

    • Hi Wally and Sammy! Yeppers, we put our tree up early this year. Normally we wait until Thanksgiving, but we decided to do it early this year so we could enjoy it longer. I am glad your Mommy loved our photo’s! Give her a hug from me! 🙂

  5. I can drink a glass of wine and watch my boys(Belgium Sheepdogs) ran around outside all day long.

    A Christmas tree already? It’s not even turkey day yet! 🙂

  6. I love the photos! so funny they sniffed Rudolph’s butt!! It has the shape, and the tail sticking up. sniff it!! It’s currently 53, sunny and there are snow capped mountains around us now. Nice!!

    • Aw, thank! We love Rudolph too! I’m not sure as to why they sniff butts either, it’s gross, but they do it all the time. Man, I am glad us humans don’t do that! Now wouldn’t that be strange?

  7. I love your enthusiasm for special events. No one over here except supermarkets would have their Christmas tree up already, its still only November!! Love Rudolph!!
    It’s cold here too but we have escaped the snow, although they have it in the north of England.

    • Believe me, over here, the stores and everyone has their decorations up! In the stores over here, they even have Christmas trees out when the Halloween items are on the shelves! I know it does not make any sense, but it is what it is. I love the Christmas decorations and it’s sad to have to put them away. They always make me happy! We love our new Rudolph too! Bella and Nikita are finally used to seeing him and don’t sniff him any longer.

  8. Rudolph is just cute! We fortunately have no snow but it is darned cold outside and the rain is pesky :o) Our stockings are still in the box otherwise they would end like Easy’s plush friends :o)

    • We are finally used to seeing Rudolph and we don’t sniff his butt any longer. LOL Oh man, we leave our stocking (and more importantly) the contents alone. We do a good job at sniffing them though.

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