The Calm Before the Storm, er Snow

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about our weather changes in the news. Some times I believe the weather guy on TV because he has a degree or something in weather-telling and should know what he’s talking about, and sometimes I just wait to see what happens.  Our temperatures have really dropped a lot here lately, and this week was cold, bitter cold.

As of this mornings weather report, our weather and precipitation will be changing… into snow (again).  Rats.  The weather-telling guy said that snow will be hitting us for the next few days through the weekend.  Great, just great.  I have not yet got into the mood of where I can welcome the snow yet, but I guess I am going to have to get my butt in gear and just do it.  It’s coming whether I want it to or not, so I guess I should just deal with it, right?

Anyhow, if anyone wants to hire me to shovel their driveway, give me a call and we can set something up!


All I can do now is wait and see what happens. If it comes, it comes. The dogs will surely love it and we’ll be playing outside making snow doggies for sure!  I am actually looking forward to seeing how my snow craftiness skills will increase this year.  Last year they kinda stunk, as our snowfall was minimal and we did not get much of that heavy “snow packing” white stuff like we had wished.

We’re still working on decorating the front yard with our Christmas lights, and we only have the LED gutter lights and the LED lights for the bushes to do yet, but with the snow on its way this weekend, I am not sure if we can get them up.  Who wants to stand outside in 30 degree temps and decorate? Not me!


Anyhow, our front yard has lots of nice bright lights and I wrapped six of our tomato cages from the garden with red lights and made little Christmas trees by the sidewalk.  If you have any tomato cages, get out your lights and just wrap them around the upside down tomato cage to make your own lighted trees!  You can even connect the light strings in between trees, so add as many tomato cages as you like. Also, since the winds can be a factor and knock over your lighted trees, you will need to stake the bottom of the trees into the grass to hold them in place.


Our wonderful new newlywed neighbors started decorating the front of their house yesterday with Christmas lights too, and getting into the holiday spirit!  That was so cool to see, as their house has not had any life in it for years and we’re glad to see some fun new neighbors!


So, what do you use to decorate your front yard?  Do you use something unique that you would like to share with all of us?  All I can say is…let it snow, I’m ready for ya!



15 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm, er Snow

  1. What a good idea to decorate tomato cages. We don’t decorate here at the condo because all our stuff is in storage. We never thought we’d be here this long 😦 We’ve had some wicked winter weather but this week is to be 0 C or about (32 F and above). Yippy!

    • Hey Boomie! I can only imagine how cold it is where you live! Brrrrr! You could put a tomato cage lighted tree on your stairs! Right!? It would look so lovely, one on either side of the door! I know you have room for them! We are dealing with some horrific cold temps too here, and we’re supposed to get dumped on with snow again tomorrow. Great, just great!

      • LOL, our porch must look bigger in photo’s than it really is. I will have room for my winter pot and that’s about it. Someday, when we are able to move everything out of our storage locker, I’ll have all kinds of decorating to look forward too. Stay warm!

      • LOL, I guess the photo of your porch were deceiving then… bummer, cause a lighted tomato cage on it would have looked so cute. Everyone in your complex would say “hey, where did Boomie get that?” LOL

  2. We are not ready for Christmas decorations, and we are not ready for snow! Although Mom is dying to start eating gingerbread men, which is her favorite cookie in the world! Mine too. Plus every cookie is my favorite.

    Love and licks,

    • We try to get our outside decorations up and done with before the snow hits us. It is definitely not fun trying to decorate outside when it is snowing. And, we are supposed to get some lake effect snow on Thanksgiving too. Grrr! I love gingerbread men too, but my all time favorite cookie for the holidays are my graham cracker bars. Once you try them, you will always be making them. (Remind me to get you the recipe)

  3. Your christmas decoration is great! You should write a book, your ideas are wonderful! We plan some “icy” decoration this year, but I need to find some things first, last year they swiped my snow owls .

    • We did the tomato cages last year in all white lights and decided to change it up this year with red lights. I will for sure post some snowy pics for you if we get the snow they are talking about. I know how much you MISS the snow in Michigan! LOL

  4. Its getting cold here and there’s been snow up north but sadly we haven’t seen any yet. I can’t wait for snow!! Bet Nikita and Bella are going to have great fun!!

    • Oh man, we have already had snow up here, and even had snow one day in October too. I am curious as to how much they say we’re supposed to get. Both Nikita and Bella just love to run like crazy through the snow. I think that when Bella steps on snow, she goes nutso! I hope you get some snow real soon to play in!!!! 🙂

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