Letter to Santa, from a shelter dog

Get your tissues out when you read this…and give your dog a hug today.

Little Green Inn for Wayward Dogs

Dear Santa Claws,

Some people don’t believe in you, but I do, because last year you brought me a tube of tennis balls, some yummy treats, a new dog sweater, and a plush, fleecy blue sheep that goes “Baaa-aaa-aaa” when I squeeze and chew on him. I stayed awake a long time next to the fireplace on Christmas Eve, waiting for you to come down, but I never did see you. Just my human Mom and Dad putting some packages under the tree. Thank you for those nice gifts last year! You are pretty special if you can sneak in past me!

This year I only want one thing for me for Christmas, and I promise, promise, promise that I’ve been good. My human Mom and Dad and sister and brother need your help a lot more than I do. See, Santa, my Dad lost something that was important to…

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11 thoughts on “Letter to Santa, from a shelter dog

    • I know. That letter to Santa got to me and I even read it three times, and cried each and every time. We are glad that we could rescue two dogs and change their lives and give them a “forever” home. You have to post a photo of Miss Gilbert on your blog so I can see what she looks like!

  1. I cried through the whole story and I have adopted some of these pets from these shelters and they are so greatful and make wonderful pets-hope others out there do the same. Give your self a real Christmas gift this year!!

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